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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 12:56 am

Welcome to Critics' Corner!

Like just about every forum in existence, we have some rules that we expect to be followed. They are all pretty basic, so there hopefully shouldn't be any issues with them. We reserve the right to add, modify, or delete all rules without notice of change.

1) Respect other members
This is key to the success of the forum and the cooperation between members. We strive for a friendly atmosphere where members can interact and review each other's work. Please respect the opinions of other members, and don't deride them in any way. This also applies to reviews. The purpose of this website is to offer constructive criticism, the content of which you may not like. Please remember that constructive criticism is intended to help you with your work. This can include anything from typos to pacing. You don't have to like the constructive criticism that is offered, but we do ask that you respect the opinions offered by other members. After all, they took the time out of their busy lives to look over and review your work. Keep in mind that while this forum is in English, not every member is from a country where English is the native language. Make allowances for this.

2) Reviews
Our reviews are based around constructive criticism. That means that they are intended to help a person improve their writing, artistic skills, and subject matter. When reviewing, please don't put anything along the lines of "awesome", or "great stuff keep it up". or even "update soon". You can use for that. Also, don't deride anyone over their work; our aim is to help, not to hurt.

3) Plagiarism
To put it simply: don't do it. Plagiarism is a nasty business, and we won't tolerate it in any shape or form. We define plagiarism as:

a) Taking someone elses work, whether it be writing or art, and posting it here in full as your own, therefore taking credit for what they did;
b) Taking segments of someone elses work and incorporating it into your own, with or without changing any of the exact text or images;
c) Taking ideas present in someone elses work and incorporating them into your own; yes, copying ideas is plagiarism too.

Any violation of the above criteria will result in an automatic and permanent ban from the forum. If you have registered on this forum under a different name than the one used on other sites where you have previously submitted the identical work, please let us know so that any plagiarism claims can be avoided. The easiest way to do this is to just leave a note in your profile, or to let us know before actually linking to your work.

4) Linking offsite
In the case of images this may be a necessity, although we advise that you use the the [img] template available on the options menu instead of just providing a url. Other instances of offsite linking are discouraged in posts, but will not necessarily be removed. Homepage links in your profile and offsite links in your signature are fine.

5) Unacceptable content
*Some original artwork by members might contain partial or full nudity.
*Some literature may contain scenes involving sexual situations (or "lemons" as they are called).

The above content is perfectly fine for inclusion on this forum, although we advise members to include the following tags on any work that includes the above criteria:
*Artwork should have the tag "P/F-N" in the subject
*Literature should include either an "M", "NC-17", or "18A" tag in the subject (choose at your discretion, depending on the amount and explicitness involved)

Unacceptable content in a post includes:
*Photographs of, or links that lead to, content of a pornographic nature
*Plagiarism (please see rule 3 above)
*Spam topics/reviews (this inludes one-word messages/replies and advertisements for other forums/websites, or products

6) Sentence structure
We ask that when you write or review a work, or post in "General", you do so in proper sentences. This means no "txtspk" or "leet", please. This does not include mistakes made by people who are non-native speakers of English.

Cool Have fun!
We want to help you become a better writer or artist. Don't write or draw to try and impress the critics here; do it because you want to. Likewise, don't follow the plot or artistic ideas thrown out by members; do it the way that you meant it to be, not the way that other people want. Writing and drawing is meant to be a pleasure, not a chore. We want to see your story, poem, or artwork the way it was intended.
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