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 Becoming Human

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PostSubject: Becoming Human   Becoming Human Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2008 11:40 pm

I posted this three years ago on I got the idea from watching Astro Boy I got a picture in my head of a robot be held by a girl and him saying "Let go." This came out of it. I have another chapter somewhere. If I find it I'll post it. Smile Ignore typos. I wrote this on notepad.
Disclaimer: I own everything don't steal.

Ch. 1: Begin Again

Circuit sizzled. Giga bites hissed. Various parts of a complex machine made various noises that signified to the creator that they were working.

It woke up. It looked around. It felt a hand upon its face. It looked up, and saw a friendly face.

"Where am I? Who am I? Who are you?" it asked," Are you-"

"No," answered the face, "I'm Kylan."

"Do you know who I am?"

"You are a high tech. robot built to be a friend." Kylan said truthfully. When he looked at her puzzled, she just smiled and turned to leave the room. Before she could, he grabbed her arm.

"Don't go. Please." he pleaded.

"I'm going to get my dad. Don't worry. I'll be right back."

"Before you go, tell me my name."

"It's Slone."

"Slone, Slone..." he repeated to himself, so he wouldn't forget. Kylan smiled as she left the room Slone sat up slowly and looked at his hand. He knew it was made of metal, because it shown in the sun. He gently sat up on the cold table. He noticed that when he sat up, his gears made a small grinding noise. He wondered if that was a good thing. He sat and thought. While looking at his feet, and noticed there was a slight lip on a seam on his right foot. He heard a noise behind him, and turned his head to look. A man walked in. His skin and hair were both dark in color, but his eyes were a pale shade of blue-green.

“Hello.” Slone said simply. The man seemed surprised when he spoke. He wondered why.

“Hello to you too, RPG26.” The man chortled. Slone was confused this was not his name.

“You must be mistaken. I’m Slone, not RPG26.” He reasoned. The man seemed confused. Behind him stood Kylan. She looked as if she was trying not to laugh. The man turned around and glared at her.

“Kylan!” the man yelled. Slone was shocked. How could that man talk to her like that? He opened his mouth to say something, but Kylan gave him a “be quiet” look.

“You said I could name all the robots.” Kylan stood her ground. She looked straight at the big man. Slone was amazed that she wasn’t afraid of the big man.

“Yes I know, but first it should get used to its original name.” The man’s face was growing red, and it seemed as if he was holding something inside himself.

“But if you don’t give them a real name, they won’t respond to it. Besides, how is he supposed to go to school, if his name is RPG26? Slone sounds better and won’t get him beat up.” Kylan kneeled down next to his right foot and started to file away the lip on the seam of his foot.

“What do you mean he’s going to school?” The man hissed through his teeth.

“He was programmed to be a friend. How’s he supposed to be a friend, if he doesn’t react with kids his own age?”

“What do you mean kids his own age?”

“I mean, high school age kids. He was built as a seventeen-year-old kid. He was built to be my friend and to learn more about me, and understand what I go through, he needs to follow me to school.” Kylan reasoned filing away at Slone’s foot. The man’s face was the color of beets and it looked like he was going to explode. The man took a deep breath, then walked out of the room.

“There. Done.” Kylan said. The seam was even.

“Thank you.” Slone said.

“You’re welcome.” Kylan smiled. Kylan stood up and motioned for him to follow her. “Come on. I’ll give you a tour.” Slone got slowly off the table.

“I have a question.”

“Fire away.” Kylan said, stopping. She put her hands on her hips, a confident air about her. Slone was at a loss for words, but he didn’t know why. Probably something wrong with his programming.

“What’s high school?” Kylan chuckled, and started walking again.

“High school is where kids my age go to learn. Though if you ask someone else they’ll say it’s like prison.”


“Yea. Most kids don’t like school. I can’t say that I do, but I need all the math and metal shop I can get to help Dad build magnificent robots like you.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.” Kylan said, blushing a little bit.

“What’s a friend?”

“A friend?” Kylan said, starting up the stairs to her room. “A friend is someone you can trust with al you secrets. You can tell a friend anything, without worrying what they’re going to think about you, or say.” Kylan opened a white door, and motioned for Slone to follow her inside. “This is my room.” She told him. The room had light lavender walls and a day bed up against a window with soft blue curtains. There were books about musicals and how to build robots. Along with the books, scraps of metal, nuts bolts and sheet music occupied the floor. On her desk were a closed laptop, a keyboard, and a pair of ice skates.

“You like music?” Slone said, picking up a song booklet.

“I know, it’s weird right? My dad’s a scientist and I dream of becoming a famous composer.” Kylan laughed, leaning on her bed. Slone shook his head.

“It’s not weird. Everything needs balance. To balance the science in your life you use music.”

Kylan cocked her head to one side. “You know, that makes total sense. You’re going to be a good friend, Slone.”
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Becoming Human
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