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 Fiction Ratings

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PostSubject: Fiction Ratings   Fiction Ratings Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 1:37 pm

When posting your original work or fanfiction, we ask that you please include a rating in the title. How to determine what rating your work should be can be done below by comparing the criteria. If you are unsure of what rating your work should be after checking the criteria, please post in Questions with a brief description of what your work contains, and we'll help you to choose the rating that best fits.

G / K+ - content is suitable for all people of all ages.
PG / PG-13 - may contain some minor violence, or other scenes that young children should avoid. The material is fine for anybody aged 12 or up.
14-A - may contain some violence, swearing, or scenes that are suggestive in a sexual nature. The material is fine for anybody aged 14 or up.
T / OT - more violence, swearing, and sexual scenes than are present in a 14-A rating. The material is fine for anybody aged 16 or up.
M / R / NC-17 - violence, gore, and/or full-fledged sexual scenes or situations. The material is fine for anybody aged 18 or up.

Keep in mind that these are all only guidelines. Choose the rating that you feel best fits your story. We ask that don't avoid reading something just because of the rating (if you feel that the story is to "young" for you, for example).
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Fiction Ratings
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