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 Legends of the Forgotten

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PostSubject: Legends of the Forgotten   Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:32 pm

It has been fifteen years since a shaky peace has settled over the Pokemon world. Fifteen years since Team Rocket began it's shadow rule of Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, becoming a veritable mafia which the law has only limited power to hold in check. Fifteen years since the massive war between Teams Aqua and Magma tore the Hoenn region to shreds, leaving it only a shadow of it's former self. Fifteen years since Team Galactic’s scientific prowess helped it become the force – seemingly from nowhere – that controlled all the scientific knowledge of Sinnoh and, consequently, the entire Pokemon world. Though Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh are all funtioning fairly normally, Hoenn is all but deserted, save for the pokemon and those who managed to survive the brutal war.

But now, things are changing again. Something strange is happening – the legendary pokemon are disappearing mysteriously. It began slowly, about twelve years after the war, without much notice. But now, the balance of nature itself is being thrown off due to the absence of these powerful pokemon, who are so intimately tied to the natural world, and people are taking notice. The wild pokemon are becoming more and more restless, some even attacking humans; lakes and rivers grow silent and dry; once rich fields of grass and vast expanses of forest begin to wither and die. No one knows what, or who, is causing these disappearances, but one thing is clear: it must be stopped.

You are an established trainer in this world, and either have captured or have strong ties to one of the legendary pokemon. Maybe when you were small, living on the shores of Lake Acuity, you always felt the wise, protective presence of Uxie, though you may not have actually seen it. Or perhaps you live near or on the Whirl Islands, and have earned the trust of Lugia or it’s young. Maybe you have actually captured a legendary pokemon, and earned it’s trust and respect to the point where it fights for you just as hard – if not harder – than your other pokemon. Whether or not you are still a trainer or have settled down, you must keep your connection with the legendary pokemon in some way.

Players must post a basic bio of their trainer(s), along with their team, before their intro in a separate post -- see "Other Rules and Things to Keep in Mind" #8, below.

Rules for Pokemon Teams

1. In the interest of fairness, NO PLAYER will be allowed more than ONE (1) legendary pokemon on their team, should they choose to have captured one. There is a maximum limit of ONE (1) pseudo-legendary per team as well. Also, no more than ONE (1) pokemon from the Uber tier (see bulbapedia link below for access to the definitions of tiers and ‘pseudo-legendary’) may be present on a team. As there are some legendaries that are not in this tier, a player must choose between a legendary and/or pseudo-legendary, or an Uber tier pokemon. However, the legendary pokemon are on a first-come, first-served basis, so if a player wants a specific legendary pokemon, they must check to see that no other player has that pokemon. Pseudo-legendaries and Uber tier pokemon that are not legendaries, however, may be present on more than one team.

SIMPLIFIED: If a person has a Dragonite, a pseudo-legendary pokemon, they may also have a legendary pokemon, but not one that is in the Uber tier. Another player may also have a Dragonite on their team, but not the same legendary pokemon, and it also may not be in the Uber tier. If a player has an Uber tier pokemon on their team, they may have neither a non-Uber legendary or pseudo-legendary pokemon also on their team).

2. Pokemon will be allowed to know a total of SEVEN (7) moves instead of the regular four – however, if a player wishes their pokemon to know fewer than seven moves, this is acceptable. Please note that a pokemon may not have more than one type of Hidden Power, as this is based on genetics, and that it will not be specifically referred to with it’s type at the end, simply as ‘Hidden Power’ rather than, for example, ‘Hidden Power Ice.’ Also, note that Hidden Power does not exist with the Normal type.

3. No more than SIX (6) pokemon may be carried around by a single player at once. However, if your character has settled down somewhat and no longer travels, they are allowed to keep all their pokemon with them, so long as they never travel or battle with any more than six. The other pokemon a character has caught, but does not carry around, are kept at the lab of the professor from the region they are from (Orange Islands and Sevii Islands pokemon go to Professor Oak)

4. Try to be original when creating a team. Though the links provided below carry useful advice on natures, movesets, and the roles certain pokemon may play on a team, they are like the Pirate Code – guidelines rather than rules. You may create any team you wish out of any pokemon you like, provided it falls within the perimeters set in these rules.

5. Please do not use Pokemon that you have made up yourself and do not really exist (aka Fakemon). ‘Shadow’ pokemon from the game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness are also off limits, please. Only the pokemon which already exist in the main series may be used in this rpg.

6. There is only one legendary pokemon that is known to have offspring – Lugia. If a player wishes their trainer to have captured Lugia, please specify what has happened to either the parent or offspring (whichever the player did not capture) that was left behind. Also, this does not rescind the rule that legendaries are on a first-come, first-served basis. If one player wishes to have Lugia on their team, no other players may capture the remaining Lugia. However, they can provide a solid backstory wherein they forged a connection of some sort with the remaining Lugia, unless the first player has stated somehow that the other Lugia has died/left and hasn’t been seen since/has been stolen/etc.

7. For the purposes of this rpg (as noted below), Latios is alive and available for use.

Other Rules and Things to Keep in Mind

1. Though this rpg begins in the Sinnoh region, your character may be from any of the known regions, including the Orange or Sevii Islands, and will travel to most – if not all – of the other regions. For convenience’s sake, the Orange Islands will be considered part of the Kanto region. The Sevii Islands, being so far geographically from Kanto, will be referred to as a region somewhat of their own; however, they will have the same starters and pokemon as the Kanto region. Please give your characters a legitimate reason to be in the Sinnoh region at the beginning of the rpg.

2. No player may create more than TWO (2) trainers. This limit includes players who may want to make their trainer character involved with the disappearances of the legendary pokemon. However, there is no limit on characters that are NOT trainers – your character’s parents or siblings, for example. Generic characters, such as Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, or the like, will be shared. Professors will be played by a single person, however, this does not cut into their trainer limit, and are also available to play on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid clutter, however, please try and keep the number of non-trainer characters to a minimum.

3. It is all right for a character to be proud, stuck-up, or sure of him/herself, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will excess profanity, serious threats of violence, racial or sexual slurs, or the bullying of other players/characters in general be tolerated. It is fine for a character to swear, but it must be ‘bleeped out’ (for example, f—k, b*tch, s***, or something to this effect; the entire words ‘damn,’ ‘ass,’ ‘bastard,’ or ‘hell’ are fine), and must not become excessive. Though there will be violence in this rpg, it is all to further the plot, and is not meant to be taken literally. This is obviously not your 4Kids version of Pokemon, and will deal with more mature themes than the anime or games do, but a level of decency is expected to be upheld. ANY BREACH OF THIS RULE will first be met with a warning through private message and a removal of the offensive post; a second offense will result in expulsion from the rpg.

4. To encourage creativity and originality among the players, characters from the anime or games (Ash, Cynthia, Paul, May, Gary, etc.) may be played upon PRIOR REQUEST ONLY, but the player will not be allowed a second trainer unless needed and otherwise noted. Characters in charge of organizations (such as Giovanni or Cyrus) are available for normal play, once again on a first-come, first-served basis, and do not require a prior request. Characters such as Jessie, James, and Meowth, however, may all be played by one person, as they are a group. Another player may request the original player to play one of the group in particular, and they will then play that character in conjunction with the original player.

SIMPLIFIED: I am playing all three members of Team Rocket. RandommemberX sends me a private message asking to play Jessie. If I agree, then I will still control James and Meowth, while RandommemberX will play Jessie with me.

5. This rpg works most easily if the character being played is NOT a 10-year old just starting out on their journey. This is the group of trainers who are least likely to have a connection with any of the legendary pokemon. However, if you wish, you may create your character this way – just present a believable backstory as to how this 10-year old has a connection with a legendary pokemon.

6. When posting, do NOT make references to specific number-based aspects of pokemon, such as ‘level 57’, ‘252 Attack Evs’, and so on. While they may be important in the games, using them anywhere else just makes for bad writing. The closest phrases to this when referring to numbers are something like ‘at a very high level of ability,’ ‘it’s physical attacks are more powerful than it’s special attacks,’ and so on. This also holds true for attacks to some extent; instead of saying ‘Golem used Seismic Toss,’ describe the effects of the attack instead – ‘Golem grabbed the Breloom by it’s arms from behind and began swinging it around and around, going faster and faster until its features could hardly be seen. Then, suddenly, it let go, sending the Breloom flying into the stadium wall with enough force to crack it.’ It is perfectly acceptable for trainers to call out for their pokemon to use certain attacks, however (ex. “Golem, use Seismic Toss!”). Natures may be referred to, however – just not the fact that they are ‘neutral,’ ‘plus speed,’ ‘minus defense,’ etc.

7. Remember that in actual battles, pokemon will not just stand around and wait for their opponent to attack when their ‘turn’ is over. They will constantly be moving, dodging, and firing off attacks at the most opportune moment – not when it is ‘their turn.’ There are no ‘turns’ in battles outside the games. The anime has some good examples of this – just find an episode with a battle (about 99% of the episodes do have a battle of some sort in them) and watch it.

8. Before posting an intro, a player must post a brief biography of their character(s). This bio must include a reason why the character(s) are in the Sinnoh region. Also, the character's main team must be posted. If applicable, a trainer is allowed up to TEN (10) 'alternate' pokemon, which are pokemon that the trainer owns and battles with, but are not a part of his/her main team and are not regularly carried around by the trainer. Members of the main team may be substitued by an alternate at any time the player wishes, through PC exchange, but the six-pokemon limit for a team remains in place. Characters who are not trainers do not require a bio beforehand and can just be incoporated straight into the intro.

For more information on pokemon, or if you are simply rusty in the fandom, try these websites: This site is a branch of Wikipedia specifically dedicated to pokemon. Here, you can look up anything you do not understand, such as tiers, definitions, places, regions, or even a pokemon’s history in the anime. When a specific pokemon is searched for, a complete list of stats (type, species, height/weight, etc. – NOT specific attack, defense, or numbers like that) appears under the picture. If the pokemon was owned by someone in the anime (Ash’s Pikachu, May’s Blaziken, etc.), they will have their own article. Be aware that if an article is rather short or uninformive, there will most likely be more information relavent to your topic linked into the page, so check those. If anyone still has any questions or requires more information that is not on this or any of these sites, they are free to send me a private message, and I will answer their questions as completely and simply as possible. If their question can be answered by any of these sites listed, however, I will only provide them with the necessary link, so only ask when the information absolutely CANNOT be found. This site, Smogon University, is a competitive battling community. This particular page lists every fully evolved pokemon as of the fourth generation – as well as a couple that are not fully evolved – and gives a comprehensive analysis of possible ways to use these pokemon in battles. Keep in mind that the stats given are for games, and items to be held and movesets are only suggestions. Tiers are listed beside each pokemon, and an explanation of tiers is also provided on the side. This site provides a complete pokedex of all four generations, including evolutionary lines, types, and in-game pokedex entries. Also provided is a complete list of ALL the moves a pokemon can learn, and a simple click on the move will show you how the pokemon may learn it (through leveling, TM/HM, or breeding). This is an AMAZING forum site from Bulbapedia, with several extremely helpful threads. There is a Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread (under the Diamond and Pearl category), as well as a Rate My Team thread (though this is only useful for competitive battling purposes in the game, so it’s not recommended that you take your rpg team here to be rated). It is in here mainly for the Q&A thread. Also under the Diamond and Pearl category is a current list of tiers.

A Full List of Legendary and Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon

NOTE: Pseudo-legendary pokemon are defined as pokemon who are not legendary, yet have stats and power nearly equal – if not equal or even surpassing – those of legendary pokemon. They will be marked with a (pl). When a pokemon is claimed by a player, there will be an X posted next to the pokemon’s name, so this list will also act as a chart showing which pokemon are available to play. This marking does not apply for pseudo-legendary pokemon.
MEW ( X )
HO-OH ( X )
LATIOS (NOTE: For the purposes of this rpg, Latios is still alive and is free to be used – see Rules for Pokemon Teams #7.)
DEOXYS (NOTE: Deoxys has four different forms – attack, defense, normal, and speed. However, they are all the same Deoxys, and therefore only one may or may not be present on a team.)

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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:30 am

Cadence "Cadi" Maria Walker


-- Suicune
-- Dragonite
-- Gyarados
-- Kingdra
-- Swampert
-- Vaporeon


-- Linoone
-- Lapras
-- Dewgong
-- Gardevoir
-- Mismagus
-- Meganium
-- Torterra
-- Venusaur
-- Skarmory
-- Leafeon

Charles "Chase" Samuel Walker


-- Ho-oh
-- Houndoom
-- Infernape
-- Gallade
-- Lucario
-- Charizard


-- Flygon
-- Poliwrath
-- Sceptile
-- Jolteon
-- Weavile
-- Typhlosion
-- Heracross
-- Scizor
-- Snorlax
-- Glaceon


Chase and Cadence are as close to identical twins as fraternal twins can get; both have dirty-blonde hair, Cadi's mostly in a low ponytail, while Chase's is longish by boy standards, coming down to his earlobes in a shaggy sort of way, and sapphire-blue eyes. At 19, Cadi is the shorter of the two by a mere half an inch -- 5' 6 1/2" to Chase's even 5' 7". Both prefer to dress casually for comfort above all, Cadi embracing blue jeans and Chase loose cargo pants, both pairing them with simple t-shirts. Cadence's favorite types are water, grass, psychic, and dragon, while Chase's run somewhat opposite with fire, fighting, bug, and steel. Though they excel at tag-team battles, both can hold their own very well apart, though their methods are different.

Though the younger of the two twins, Chase is extremely protective of Cadence. His personality nearly matches that of his favorite type: he's got a bit of a temper, generally he is cheerful and friendly, and passionate about what he believes in. At times, he can be mistrustful, and he usually has very accurate first impressions of people. He is a bit of a klutz at times, but absolutely dedicated to Cadence and his pokemon. His battle strategy relies mainly on 'hit-and-run' tactics, with high-powered offence and not much concentration on defense.

Cadence is the calmer half of the duo, often the voice of rational thought when Chase's temper gets out of hand. She's extremely logical and methodical, and this has led her to be an excellent strategist in battles. Her style is to boost her team's defense, then hammer away at her opponent with super-effective moves. This makes her a slightly more efficient battler on her own than Chase, who is constantly trying to match her. However, her social skills leave a bit to be desired.


Chase and Cadence were born in Olivine City, Johto, where their father was a sailor. They were very close throughout their childhood, so when their parents split up when they were about six, they were devistated. Cadence was taken to live in her mother's hometown of Blackthorn City with her, where she discovered that her mother was actually a part of the Dragon Clan of the city, related to both gym leader Clair and the Champion Lance. Chase stayed behind in Olivine with their father, who often took his son out on his boat when he got a little older in an effort to distract him from the sister he knew he missed.

The twins finally reunited in New Bark Town, at Professor Elm's lab on their tenth birthday where they had gone to recieve their first pokemon and begin their journeys. It was an emotional reunion, and the pair have traveled together ever since, and grown even closer because of it. Though they avoided travelling in Hoenn, due to the restoration efforts of the war, both recieved Hoenn-native pokemon through trades and -- in the case of the male and female Ralts -- rescue from a Pokemon Center where they had been abandoned. Having been travelling for nearly nine years, the pair decided that the time was right to go visit an older cousin they had in Sinnoh -- the daughter of their father's sister named Laura -- and maybe settle down a bit before eventually returning home to Olivine.

HEY PEOPLE! Notice how my alternates don't have any extra Legendaries, Pseudo-Legendaries, or Ubers? That's because the limit still applies to the alternate pokemon as well! So don't go thinking you can stuff your alternate pokemon list with all the pokemon you couldn't put on your normal team, got it?
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:05 am

Ailin Grey



18 (Though she doesn't usually tell people this)
Appearance: Click HERE for appearance.
Travelling, much like any pokemon trainer, Ailin also wears a brown belt that carriers her team's pokeballs, while a generic two-shouldered backpack carries the other necessities to camping outdoors, etc.
Personality: Life for a techno-addict is not always easy. An avid computer gamer, net diver, and hacker, fixes must be constantly appeased. This addiction, though not always kept in check, seems to have taken a toll on this person's grip on reality; however, it is evident from the condition of her team that the latest gadetry or network barriers are not the only things that matter. With social abilities in question, Ailin will come off as strange, distant, and highly suspicious of others, not willing to give her trust easily. According to her, it makes things easier that way-- she would admit that she herself couldn't always be trusted, and so, for a lot of the time, she is alone, as far as human company goes. However, she retains a sense of justice, and if she does manage to put some faith in a cause, will do what she can to support it.

Long story short, orphaned during the 'war', sent to live with fosters in Celadon; age ten came around and so did Pallet Town, where Ailin started her journey with Squirtle. Graduating from Kanto, she spent a couple years in Jhoto, then Hoenn, and wound up in Sinnoh, with her current established team. Along the way she happened to attract the attention of Teams Rocket and Galactic, one reason for her begrudging attitude towards staying in one city or location for too long.

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PostSubject: Intro!   Sat May 10, 2008 11:31 pm

ooc: yes, Rho, I've taken my sweet time getting this up...sorry. For anyone else who decides to join, here it goes!

Were it not for the difference in clothing and hair length, no one would have been able to tell apart the two figures lounging on a bench near the southwestern area of Hearthome City. Both were fairly slim, with the same shade of dirty-brown hair, matted and sticky with sweat, and the same tired expressions on their faces which looked too old and worn for their true ages. The one with the shorter hair dressed in loose cargo pants and a light blue polo, the long-haired one in jeans and a red shirt.

No one took the time to notice their heavier-than-normal breathing, as though they had just run a great distance, or the fact that they were sweating more than usual, even for 95 degree weather, or the fact that the longer-haired one was female. Or even the fact that both had six pokeballs attached to their belts.

The shorter haired one got control of his breathing first, opening sapphire-blue eyes against the sun, wincing, and then turning his head to face the girl beside him. "Man...we haven't done that in a while."

The girl groaned slightly, then sat fully upright and opened eyes identical to the boy's to look at him. "No kidding. We're out of practice."

The boy smirked a bit. "Not to say it wasn't fun."

A smrik returned to him on lips exactly like him. "Now when did I say that, brother?"

The boy smiled a little wider, then stretched his limbs out in front of him. "Ah, man... it's hot, Cadi."

"No, really, Chase? I hadn't noticed." the girl he called Cadi retorted, more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. But it was also mixed in with was just too hot. "Ah, forget it." she sighed, moving the newspaper someone had abandoned further away from herself before setting back down.

A comfortable silence again existed between the twins, until Chase sat up once more. "Cadi...?"


"Do you ever regret not going to Hoenn?"

Cadi glanced at him, slightly confused. "How do you mean?"

Chase sighed, running a hand through his tangled, matted hair. "It's just...everyone thinks we're so good. Two of the best they've ever seen. But there's still people we haven't beat, pokemon we haven't seen, places we haven't been. How can we accept those claims when --"

Cadence suddenly bolt upright, her gaze trained on the enterance to Route 208. Without a word, she grabbed the newspaper beside her and shoved it in front of herself and Chase, as though they were reading it.

Chase, agitated, tried to push her away. "Cadi..."

"Shut up! Grunts."

Chase peered carefully around the edges of the newspaper; there indeed were a pack of Galactic Grunts heading into the city, a Team Rocket member who looked to be in command of the squad among them. "I can't believe you let two mere children best you, Galactic Gunk." he scathingly spat at two of the unitard-clad men as they followed the southern street towards Route 209. None of the Galactic Grunts looked happy about being under his command, Chase noticed.

One of the men scowled. "It wasn't our fault. You should have seen what they used against us, it's no wonder they beat us. Sui--"

The Rocket cuffed him sharply on the head as they passed the fountains and approached the benches where the twins, huddled together in a cold sweat despite the heat, sat as still as they could be. "Idiot!" the Rocket hissed. "Don't speak of them -- unless you want to draw attention to us!"

The other Galactic Grunt who had been on the recieving end of the Rocket's anger guffawed slightly. "Aw, what's it matter? They'll never stand up to all of us at once." he said as -- mercifully -- they passed the banches and continued towards the far route.

"They can't have gotten far." the Rocket observed. "You there, and you and you -- head toward the Pokemon Center. If they aren't there, wait ten minutes. Then, come catch up with the rest of us at Solaceon's Center if they still have not arrived. When you have a visual, engage in battle and capture. Understood?"

"Sir!" the three specified grunts saluted, a little disgruntled, before turning up into the city proper. The rest of the police force continued out of the city.

Cadence sighed in relief when they had gone. "Well...all we have to do now is wait ten minutes --"

"Cadi, we can't."

Cadence threw her brother a scathing look. "Why not?"

"Look, we might be able to get some information on what happened to Laura from them."

Cadence sighed. "Chase...they're grunts. I doubt they'd know anything."

Chase shook his head. "Team Galactic resents Team Rocket for not permitting them to rule Sinnoh as they please, don't they? These guys hate their commander -- they'll do anything to see him demoted and sent back to Kanto. That includes giving information to the likes of us -- it'll make their commander look bad."

It took a moment, but finally, Cadence nodded slowly. "All right. To the Pokemon Center, brother. But if they battle us..."

"We just won't use Cairo or Bennu. They aren't the ones who caught us outside the city -- they don't know our faces. All they know is that two twin kids have captured a couple of legendaries."

Cadi nodded again, then stood. "To the Pokemon Center then -- and a three on two battle."

Chase smiled at his sister reassuringly as he also stood. "We've faced worse, sis. Now come on, let's go."

Hope that did all right as an intro, Rho
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sun May 11, 2008 11:48 pm

ooc// +squeals.+

The glass doors to the pokemon center swept apart, allowing a lithe, pale figure, donned in a plain white babydoll tee, a lowerhalf of dull orange work coveralls rolled to midshin that were aided by bright orange suspenders, and brown shoes, to dart past the threshold and back against the same wall of the doors, as if avoiding some sort of detection. Golden hued eyes glanced around the center, confirming relief that there was no one else there, besides the Nurse Joy who's back was turned at the moment, and the Chansey or two milling about with pokemeds or other some such things. Returning attention to the door, the icy pools of gold narrowed at the Espeon who sauntered in through the doors, a deliberate slowness in its haughty strides.

The Espeon's own amethyst gaze sparkled with playful mischief when met with its trainers. Aillin glared back in indignation. But let the matter go. She wouldn't bother telling her pokemon once again that the sun's rays were actually radioactive plasma waves bounced off from the giant satellite launched in space fifty years ago, and that were highly damaging to a person with very little skin pigment-- Ailin was sure she'd turn into a three armed mutant, after all, if she wasn't careful.

Instead, "Just watch, Espeon. You'll be a five-eared, three-eyed freak if you keep up that excess sunbathing." Ailin grinned mockingly at the psi pokemon, who in turn rolled its eyes and appeared to sigh. It could have very well been thinking something along the lines of 'stupid human'.

Attention averted again, the girl spotted a PC, and emitted a barely audible squeak, as she hurried over to it. Her espeon took to sitting beside his trainer, grooming a paw. A fingerless gloved hand brushing snow-white bangs out of her face, the rest of her short, choppy, pig-tailed locks followed the same albino-like suit. As Ailin activated the machine, prepared to modify a connection between her own item storage and the universal registry for others' items, her pokemon stood, back arched and fur bristling, as an alarmed, catlike creature is wont to do. Ailin shut off the PC; a quick glance at Nurse Joy told her nothing, but what worried her was Espeon's forked tail-twitching.

Moving so she could see out one of the Pokecenter's windows, Ailin 'tsk'd' disapprovingly, seeing some cronies of Galactic approaching the center. She scratched absently at a bandaged upper arm, considering some options she'd have and trying to plan her next move-- She'd run into these guys before, nevermind they could be different grunts-- just walking out the front door was another option, if the possiblity that none of them had seen her before was high. Her hand drifted to the brown belt lined with pokeballs of various types: if they wanted trouble that's what they'd get. Honestly, though, Ailin would rather turn her back on the situation, because it wasn't yielding any merits for her that she could see.

She was glad, at least, that she and her team had come to the center only for a rest from the day's walk, and hopefully a bit of technology that wasn't always plagued by Galactic control; she hadn't needed Joy to heal her team.

Worst case scenario, the bomb hit the plingnet.
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PostSubject: Bio for Ulric   Fri May 16, 2008 6:12 pm


age: 18
name: Ulric Harriet Beaumont

Ulric was always somewhat lazy. he always tryed to get things done the easy way, especiall things he could'nt chose how to do, and especially hig school. his incentive was "once i become 18, then i can do everything the way i want therefore l'll be able to get it done better". Even his nature was simple, however, that was not the case for his mind. Also, a very strange superstition, he never wanted to evolve his pokemon. He always thought that they would become someone different if they did. And they always looked less agressive, therefore, people looked at the with less concern. Growing up in pallet town, he always loved the majesty of everything. the three legendary birds (Moltres being his favorite, he accually met him once), the elite four, the first eight badges, and the cities they are located. Ulric was ambitious in the fact that he wanted to become a pokemon trainer, so he convinced his parents to let him drop out of school at 16, to become one. in only two years he beat all gym, leaders and the elite four. He heard of Hoenn being a place of opportunity, so he left on a "pilgramage."

Continue with the story, i couldnt think of anything to write and didnt have enough time.
-Wonder Bread
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Fri May 30, 2008 11:43 pm

lol! Eheheh...hi Rho. I can't promise this update will be any good, but it must get done. Thanks to Wonderbread for joining!

Chase and Cadence walked slowly northwards towards the Center, trying not to draw attention to themselves. The old cathedral that had once proudly stood on the Western border of the town was now abandoned, almost in ruins, and the two took their time passing that particular building. It had been a source of comfort for them, after their parents had been killed...

Cadi nudged Chase gently as they neared the Center. "Look -- Bebe's place."

Chase turned, seeing the once bright and cheery house of Bebe, the Pokemon Storage System operator. It was now a sad little building, seemingly devoid of life or happiness...he sighed as he and his sister approached the Center. Bebe had been one of the first to have been forced into service by Team Galactic; it saddened him that someone so bright and good could be so vulnerable. Spotting the uniformed figures in front of the Center, his fists clenched slightly. "Ready?" he whispered softly to his sibling.

"Always." came the reply, just as soft, from the now-smirking lips of his twin.

"Hey, you two!" one of the grunts called out when he caught sight of the twins. "Present your identification chips, now!"

Trying to appear casual, Chase shoved his hands deep in his pockets and began to saunter slightly up to the Grunts. "Hear that, sis? They want us to present our ID chips. Now why do you suppose that is?"

"I don't know, brother." Cadi replied. "Do you think it might have had something to do with that battle that just happened on Route 208?"

"Could be, sis."

Another grunt, slightly sharper than the rest of his companions, narrowed his eyes at the twins. "All right you two -- you and your pokemon are coming with us. Come quietly, and we won't let the Rockets beat you up too badly."

Chase also smirked, backing away from the grunts as though he were going to run, and his sister backed up with him. "And now they want our pokemon, sister."

"Do they now? Well, if you want them..." Cadi said, a wicked glint coming into her eyes.

"Come and get them!" Chase finished, hurling a pokeball into the space between him and the grunts. "Go, Recon!"

"Ecthelion, go!"

The grunts, realized what was happening, quickly let out their own pokemon: a Golbat, Dustox, and Skuntank to face Chase's Lucario and Cadence's Dragonite.

Cadi smirked -- same old grunts. This would be almost too easy. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a lone, pale figure just inside the Center who was watching them with great interest. 'Wonder who she is?' she thought a split second before the first attack was fired.
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sat May 31, 2008 7:58 pm

Ailin blinked-- those two from nowhere had actually started a battle with the space cannon fodder; not to mention they seemed to be... attracting the grunts' 'special' attention as well. Well, this was her lucky day, then, the pale girl decided, eyes darting to her surroundings. If the battle didn't get too out of hand, and the grunts stayed focused on the clones--twins, she could slip away from the center unnoticed or unheeded. Her Espeon had been returned to his pokeball.

She walked out of the center, her expression carefully bored... almost blank. She assumed an unassuming shuffle, posture somewhat slouched, hands her in pockets.
Considering lies or stories or such in case she was stopped, Ailin muttered to herself, a habit borne from the need to hear herself think. Or maybe to keep random people at bay. She also considered that pokemon large enough to ride to get away bore no liscense plates on their rear ends.

Something along the lines of the circumstances placing the combatants at an angle parallel to the doors of the pokemon center, and the grunts' backs were unfortunately not to Ailin or the doors of the Center completely. Still the chance that they'd miss a random person exiting the building was high, considering she was with no one else-- she took note that the grunts had approached the unit of two, and no singular person. Only seeing one of this case however, wasn't something to base her hopes on either.

The girl moved in a tired fashion, stealing glances at the developing battle between clones and space fodder. How interesting.

Well, Ailin was intending to slip past, when from her belt a light appeared. Looking down, clearly perplexed, she realized one of her pokemon was escaping its ball. The flash of white light arced to the ground, materializing into Espeon, who charged into the space clone fray.

She face-palmed, dragging her hand down and her exasperated, worried, almost desperate features with it. "What are you doing? get back here!" was what Ailin intended to say, but the filter between her brain and mouth said,

"What the hell do you think you're doing you four armed moldy twinkie?!" Of course, she was referring to Espeon's color, despite its rather lovely lilac hue.

Ailin chased (rather pathetically-- computer nerds didn't have lungs for breathing outside air, afterall) after her pokemon, he rounded on the nearest flying pokemon-- Espeon knew it'd have a hard time against the Skuntank-- unleashing a psychic blast at either of them; Ailin could have sworn that if the bug and bat hadn't been there, her eevee-evolved companion had been aiming for the space turds.
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PostSubject: Gene Blackguard's Bio   Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:02 pm

Gene Blackguard

Pokemon (On-Hand)
Umbreon (Ringo)
Mew (Dizzy)

Espeon (Faro)

Age: 19
Appearance: Gene, physically, is blind. He does not, however, hide his blindness, and thus keeps his eyelids open, sometimes causing miscomfort to those who first meet him. As a blind traveler, he does not dress extravagently, and can usually be seen in black faded jeans, a black t-shirt, and a slightly zipped white and grey jacket. He himself has black, unruly hair, and carries his pack over his left shoulder.

Personality: Having to rely on his other senses has made Gene perceptive and contemplative. He is also somewhat indecisive, and prefers to take this time contemplating decisions rather than act quickly and rashly. However, he is quick to his feet when he feels that injustice is being done to his friends or to innocents. At those times, he is quick to hold a grudge, and does not often forgive something unless he truly feels that person has repented. That does not mean, however, that he refuses to give second chances; he just does not give them freely.

As a trainer, he tends to look towards the practical uses of having a Pokemon partner instead of its battle potential, and has turned down more offers for a battle than he has accepted. His battle style, however, is quick and sometimes even ruthless, and the sudden bout of coldness that he has accustomed himself to during battles has shocked even himself sometimes. Although he is unaware of this, he is a victim of the "Hoenn Syndrome", a psychological state of being that is similar to schizophrenia in that a trainer who has been exposed to the horrors of Hoenn and the requirements of those who want to survive there. Those diagnosed with the Hoenn Syndrome, unless treated with therapy, will quickly degenerate into a state of constant anxiety and eventually even insanity - Gene has termed those at this state "Hunters", for their need for total annihilation of their enemies. However, Gene is not yet at this degenerative state, and neither will he be, so long as he has Mew to keep his mental health in check.

The tactics he employs are variable, as he keeps with himself an extremely balanced team of defensive, offensive, and support pokemon, although he switches out at times depending on the situations he predicts will come.

Gene was not born blind - a fact that he has long regretted. Instead, he lost his eyesight during the catastrophic battles that nearly took apart the entire Kanto continent fifteen years ago. He and his family had been fleeing from the battles - to go, perhaps, to the remoter islands, past the Orange Isles. Wherever the destination, and Gene often stresses this very strongly, it did not matter; the family was fleeing and wanted nothing to do with either the Rockets or their enemies.

What happened, then, would have been the the worst twist of fate for anyone, let alone a child of four who had been playing with his Ditto, only vaguely aware of the events around him. Howling and a grating noise accompanied a blow that nearly knocked the ship they had been riding in over. No one knew what had happened in the first blast. The second blast - Gene would later learn that it was an artificial replication of the Pokemon technique "Aeroblast" - destroyed half the ship, leaving the other half in sinking ruins. The last image that Gene can recall seeing with his own eyes is the sight of the night sky and the world slowly filling itself up with water.

When Gene awoke, he had landed on a beach. His parents were gone and his eyesight destroyed, but he was not alone. His Ditto, which had seemingly survived the tragedy, had ended up on the shore alongside him. Gene and his Ditto were saved, ironically, by a passing Team Rocket ship, which had been scouting the island for many years after hearing strange rumors about a playful pink pokemon that resided there. Gene and his Ditto were dropped off at the nearest island, where he was eventually picked up, and raised, by relatives.

At least, Gene believed it to be his Ditto, but would learn, many years later, that he had befriended a Mew, or, perhaps, the Mew, that day. He had started on his "journey" a year after his peers - in fact, he had never truly thought about becoming a trainer at all - until his Eevee twins, who had been guiding his path for years, evolved into Espeon and Umbreon. This new development also came with quirks - both Pokemon had the ability to help him "see" through their psychic abilities, allowing him to become a trainer and leave what he never really felt was home for the first time.

It was, then, during Gene's time in the Hoenn wastelands, devoid of human contact save other wandering, and usually dangerous, souls like himself, that Gene finally realized that his Ditto was not the same Ditto he had played with as a child. The Ditto on his team was stronger, faster, and smarter than any of the other Ditto he had faced, and it was only when he was running from a rampaging Airon that he finally understood. Mew had revealed herself to Gene many times before, but Gene had been blinded to her change by her own psychic abilities until she had no choice but to reveal her true form to him in order to save his life.

Gene, of course, was shocked and devastated by the sudden loss of his oldest childhood friend. The result was his shunning of Mew for over half a year, before coming to realize how much he missed her presence. With this realization, though, also came the fact that, despite his shunning of her, Mew had never left his side at all; she had merely hid herself out of sight from him - something she was good at.

Since then, he has become an accomplished trainer, known for his blindness, throughout the Kanto, Johto, and even whatever was left of the Hoenn regions. His travel in Sinnoh has been relatively short, however, due to his policy of keeping below the radar whenever he can. He is, at current, trying to infilatrate Team Galactic's inner bases in search of clues to the slowly missing Legendary pokemon, worried for his Mew.

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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:32 pm

Gene's Skarmory landed them deep in the woods in the outskirts of Hearthome City. At least, Gene was hoping it was Hearthome City. He had projected an image of it he had seen on a map through his Umbreon, Ringo, to Skarmory before taking off, but he could never be sure. And his blindness certainly did not give him a great view from the air.

"Get a rest, Skarmory," he said and proceeded to recall Skarmory back into its ball. "I'll put it on faith that you brought us to the right place." As he replaced the ball back into its holder, however, his Umbreon forcibly let itself out of her own ball.

Gene crinkled his nose. Ringo let out a faint musky odor - which would have been toxic, if he had not trained her to control it - when agitated. "Ringo, an image, please," he said quietly.

Ringo's eyes glowed, and soon he could see whatever she saw, albeit on a much simpler scale. There was no texture, no tone, but it was better than nothing.

"Yes," he said. "I can see it. There's a battle going on near the Center. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves - we don't want to get caught up in a gang war."

With that, he reshouldered his pack and began to walk casually towards the Center, himself. Well, as casual and inconspicuous as a blind man with an Umbreon walking at his side could be. And it was not, apparently, inconspicuous at all, for as soon as he walked within the city proper, he was accosted by two officers - he was not sure if it was Galactic or Rocket, he never could tell - who had been making their way to the battle, as well.

"Stop there," said one. Male, lack of confidence, said Gene to himself. "I've never seen you around here. If you're new, I'll have to take a look at your ID chips. And don't make any funn-"

Gene had not waited for the man to finish his sentence. Instead, he took his poke ball and threw it high into the air above them.

"The blind kid's with them!" cried the voice of the second officer - woman, sick of taking orders, Gene decided - and a sound of pokeballs opening could be heard. Ringo bristled, but Gene merely put a hand on her head and asked her silently for an image. She complied, and he "saw" a Sneasel and a Beautifly standing in their ready positions.

He sighed inwardly - this was why battles outside of Hoenn were jokes. The pokemon were out, but the attacks were only coming in now, a full six seconds after Gene had thrown his own pokeball. And they weren't even looking in the right direction, either. As one of his adversaries opened his mouth, Gene shook his head, and pointed up. He couldn't see, but the sound of his enemies as a Mamoswine fell on them was enough to tell him that they would be the least of his worries for a long time coming.

"Just hope I haven't killed them," he mused, and recalled his Mamoswine. "Ringo, let me see the bodies."

As soon as things were visible, he murmured, "Dizzy." A soft mew was heard in his ear as his Mew responded from her hiding place in his jacket.

"Transform," he said. "Disguise me as this man."

His mew gave a complying sound and soon he could feel the pokemon cover his head, turning him into a likeness of the Team Rocket officer that had just accosted him. Nodding to Ringo, he broke into a run, towards the sounds, Ringo giving him images and guiding him through fleeing people. It did not take him long, and soon he could see and hear that he was close to the battle.

He took one of the grunts by the arm.

"What the hell is going on here," he snarled in what he hoped sounded like the officer's voice. "Why the hell are you fighting in broad daylight in the city square?!"

"S-sir!" said the grunt, and the surprise was genuine. "W-We're just following your orders! Those might be the kids that have those legenda-"

His sentence was broken off as Gene drove a fist into the man's abdomen, and then into his face. He'd heard enough; the kids were the ones he needed to talk to.

"Porygon-Z," he said, and opened the Pokeball. The Golbat, sensing its fallen trainer, turned to attack this new foe. "Activate Battle Program 1."

The Porygon-Z glowed briefly, its already crazy eyes dancing even more wildly in their sockets, before letting out a luminescent beam at the Golbat just as it was about to reach Gene and itself. The force of the beam pushed the Golbat into the walls of the Pokemon center, and its scream told Gene that it had been defeated. Porygon, however, had not waited, and began to glow again, its eyes dancing even more wildly this time, and soon its body began to gyrate in strang motions, as well. It was about to fire off another beam at the fallen Golbat when Gene said, "Terminate Battle Program 1."

The beam did not come out, but the Porygon continued to act erratically.

"Ready Battle Program 2. Hostiles: Dustox and Skuntank."

Gene let go of Porygon-Z.

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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:47 pm

(( cheers Sweet! *gives RedSnow a massive hug* yay for new members and reviving RPGs! And, now that I actually have some ideas, thanks to having this up on Bulbagarden, I decree that this RPG shall once again live! Many, many, MANY apologies to Rho for taking so long and kind of abandoning this RPG here...onwards! ))

Cadence and her brother stood shocked as the same Rocket who, not five minutes ago, had ordered their capture, now accosted his own men for following his orders and assulted them. Cadence shivered slightly at the coldness of the Rocket's commands wen he took down the Galactic, though somewhere in the back of her mind she thought it odd that a Rocket, and not a Galactic, would have a pokemon like Porygon-Z.

When the other two grunt's pokemon were taken down -- in no less spectacular a display by the Porygon-Z -- Recon growled, retaking a defensive stance, as Chase minicked him. The trainer's eyes flicked back and forth between the quickly retreating Galactics, the Rocket commander, and the strange, panting, albino-like girl who's Espeon had decided to join the battle without her. 'What the hell is going on here?' he wondered, hand straying back towards his belt. Racon would be fine, of course, but there was no harm in giving him a little more backup in case he needed it.

Cadence's cool grip on his wrist stopped him, and he looked in surprise at his sister. "Wait." she said softly. "Be cautious, but wait. Rockets don't carry around Porygon-Zs, remember? We've faced enough of them to know that. Besides...this guy doesn't talk quite like the commander did when he walked into the city with his squad. He never even cursed at them."

Chase glanced at the Rocket again and, grudgingly, relaxed his arm. "Recon -- take a look at this guy's aura. The girl's too." The Lucario huffed and nodded, turning back and extending a paw out towards the Rocket and the girl. Closing his eyes, a pale blue light slowly began to grow around his outline, and the ear-like apendages on the back of his head rising as he concentrated. An absurdly long minute passed, and then Recon's glow finally subsided and he opened his eyes, turning back to his trainer and huffing again -- this time in approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:36 am

Gene turned his blind eyes towards the general direction of the children – no, now that he could see their faces somewhat, they seemed to be of his age. And possibly siblings – he could not be sure.

He was sure, though, of what the Lucario was doing, and knew it would be pointless to continue his façade as a Rocket after his aura had been read.

“Dizzy,” he thought silently to Mew. “Ditto form, please.” In moments, the living mask he had been wearing began to peel itself off of his face and rapidly change form into what could only be described as a large, shapeless blob of bright, translucent pink. It fell from his face and onto his shoulder, where it attached itself to the strap of his bag.

That did not mean, however, that he fully trusted these two, and so kept Porygon-Z out.

“Porygon-Z,” he said. “Terminate Battle Program 2. Activate Standby Mode 2.” The Porygon-Z responded, stopped moving, although the intensity of the glowing and its erratic twitching behavior did not subside. Gene checked it through Umbreon’s eyes to make sure – Porygon-Z had been the hardest of his Pokemon, and of its three forms, to train. It also continued to disobey him at random times. He just hoped this was not one.

After making sure Porygon-Z would continue to stand by, he returned his attention to the two siblings in front of him. The Galactic (or was it another Rocket?) had told him that they were involved with legendary Pokemon somehow. But what to do? Confront them? Extend a hand of friendship?

Obliterate them?

“I’m joking,” the thought quickly as his one of his psychically-inclined Pokemon sent the equivalent of a mental glare at him. The other, Ringo, did not seem to care either way. She was hungry and tired, and just wanted him to do whatever he would do quickly.

In the end, though, all he could come up with was a raised hand and a grin.

“Hi?” he said. “Sorry about dropping in like that,” his head twitched towards the direction he had come from. “But since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it seems like we’re all friends here. And that means,” he paused. “That we should be leaving. Soon. There’ll be reinforcements, and as much as I’d like to remind the Rockets or Galactics or whatever of the general incompetence of the greater portion of their rather meaty organizations, I’d rather not be placed on their wanted lists. Arceus knows how many people are hunting me down already.” He turned around and fingered the Pokeball containing his Skarmory.

“And,” he said, serious this time. “I’d like very much to talk to you. All of you.”
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:41 am

((RedSnow? Chase and Cadence are only 19 -- it doesn't sound like your character's that young. Just FYI.))

Chase gave a small snort. "The real Rocket took off with the rest of the Galactics for Solaceon -- if any reinforcements, they won't come for a while. I don't know what you did to that Rocket," he added, nodding down at the flesh-colored goupy puddle, "but if it's anything like that, then I'm willing to bet we won't see any reinforcements for a long while."

Cadence eyed the older newcomer somewhat warily, but taking in a few key features -- and phrases. "You're being hunted." It was a statement, not a question. "You oppose Team Rocket and what pitifully few parts of Team Galactic that have broken away -- yet they're not the ones hunting you. You walk into a battle that doesn't concern you in the least, then proceed to take them down with no apparent trouble, as if they don't concern you at all either. And there's about you. I mean, in the way you carry yourself -- it's not like other people. Besides -- you're one of the first people who haven't commented on how exactly my brother and I look alike when you first see us that we've run into." She settled back on her heels, recalling her Dragonite. "And you, girl...I'm not sure what to make of you. But if Recon's not worried," she nodded towards her brother's Lucario, "then I'm not. But I agree that we all need to vacate -- we've attracted too much attention to ourselves." And it was true, a small crowd had begun to gather around them. "Just let me go into the Pokemon Center and use the PC -- five minutes, tops." She raised her hands, smirking a bit. "My brother will stay out here with you, as a show that I'll keep my word."

"Cadi, what --?"

"I just want to get Hisoka and Haruki, brother -- that's all. In and out, I promise." With that, she swiftly turned and made for the Center's doors before her brother could protest. True to her word, five minutes later she was back out and had her own Skarmory's ball in her hand. "All right. You take the girl -- sorry, I don't know your name -- and my brother and I will ride sperately. We'll follow you," she added, releasing Hisoka from his ball and climbing on, "and we'll talk when we get there. Nothing funny, though -- I warn you. My brother and I can deal with you in a heartbeat, no matter how skilled you are -- I can promise you that."
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:43 am

damn. +seizures with inferiority complexes+ ... I'll just make an excuse for myself now and say I'm a bit rusty at this rpg-ing business. 'mKay. There you go. x]

EDIT: balls. Sorry... I took so long that you guys posted before me again! haha...


Ailin's eyes widened at turn of events, something she wouldn't have postulated, even with what crazy shit she'd seen infecting the net... well... she wouldn't go that far-- the girl refocused her attention on her Espeon, engrossed in mid-range combat with the dustox, now that the golbat had been eliminated from contention. The "grunt's" porygon-z had done a job of that blood sucker, and Ailin recalled Espeon to her side, so that he'd be out of the line of fire.

"Don't you ever do that to me again, dong ma?" She hissed at her nearly AWOL pokemon, clearly disappointed at his sudden and very rare insubordination. The psychic creature, though remaining near his trainer, looked away, as if scowling, the short fur on his neck and forked tail still bristling.

Despite scolding her pokemon, Ailin hadn't been ignorant of what else had been going on around her, nor what could happen and what she could do with a diversion such as the trainer with the porygon Z had provided. The lucario seemed little more than suspicious, with its ... glowy-fit and clone commandings. The porygon Z itself had warranted great suspicion, being with a mere grunt, if that person was, in fact, a mere grunt. It crossed her mind that the new rocket agent could be in the guise of an underling; some high ranking officer planning some conspiracy from the foundations of the organization.

This was all speculation, of course, and as the pale girl kept an eye out for a change in weather, recalled her Espeon to its pokeball, and turned to go, hoping to leave the situation in the hands of the clones... twins.

As whatever would have it, Ailin didn't move, more or less, from her spot, but turned back around. Apparently the... the ... mutant-- Kinda like Mystique, but a guy.
Who wasn't scaley and naked.
Thank Buddha.
Whoever was up there--

Ailin eyed the three of them warily, forcing herself to resume her seriousness. So they knew about the rockets' games, too. Well, who didn't, really? With the exception of those who lived under rocks...

At the other girl's comment, Ailin made a dismissing sound. "I don't know what to make of you clone freaks either..." she muttered under her breath.

She supposed the situation with the crowd couldn't be helped, though whatever higher reasoning convinced her to play along with this "we just met-I know this-you know this-lets talk and be friends" nonsense was lost.
As a result, Ailin shook her head--she wasn't going with anyone if she could help it.

"I'll tag along," Ailin replied, sounding rather reluctant, "I'll follow you all, don't worry."

She released her Arcanine from its pokeball, who stretched enthusiastically, before shaking itself out and greeting the situation with a low rumble deep in his chest. "It's okay. We'll follow those twins and the mutant guy over there. Get out of this crowd." Ailin rubbed her fire pokemon's muzzle. "Follow the shiny birdie," she grinned, nodding at the newly released Skarmory, as the Arcanine lowered himself to the ground to allow his trainer onto his back.
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:37 am

(OOC: Ari, you mean voice-wise? Or character-sheet wise? If it’s the former, he just sounds like that because he isn’t a very sociable person (by unsociable, I mean that he just hasn’t had that much experience dealing with other people, what with having been in Hoenn for a while now). If it’s the latter, then you’ll notice I’ve put “19” on it. I will change it, if you insist, however.

OOC2 (Post): I'm really sorry for taking control of your characters and assuming are following mine to his campsite. I'll change it, if need be. And, you have permission to use my character if for the same reason of pushing the RP along.)

Gene ignored the female sibling's questions and just gave a shrug to the pale girl's blatant mistrust. Questions would come later, and maybe trust, too, but he didn't count too much on the latter.

"Suit yourself," he said, jumping onto his Skarmory's hard back. "It'd be crowded up on Skarmory's back with you on it, anyway."

Even so, he said, "Go at an easy pace, Skarmory. And take us back to camp."

His Skarmory gave a soft cry in acknowledgement and took off. As his Umbreon was back in her ball, he was blind - truly blind. The wind in his ears and the cloud that happened their way every so often was all he felt in times like these; those, and a certain bitterness that he knew he would never be able to completely bury. Ah, if only Mew could teleport great distances, he thought. Wouldn't that be the day. Nevertheless, he settled himself in for the ride.

After flying for the better part of twenty minutes, he felt something else in the air...a...change in the wind, or something of the like. Skarmory was agitated too.

He glanced behind himself, but, being blind, it did not do him much good.

"Hey!" he shouted in the general direction behind him. "Is there something wrong? I can't tell!"
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:58 pm

((No worries, RedSnow, I did mean voice-wise. You don't have to change your character. And...neither do you really have to apologize for controlling mine and Rho's, because I can't tell that you have.))

"We're all right!" Cadence called ahead. "Just an updraft from these cliffs!"

"Cadi, I wish you would have let me fly on my own." Chase grumbled. "You know how much I hate to pile two people on a single pokemon -- "

"Oh, do shut up, brother." Cadence hissed. "You know Hisoka doesn't mind -- if he did, he would have tossed you off years ago. Besides -- you riding on Bennu would be too conspicuous. Do you want to advertise the fact that you've caught a legendary pokemon? That would have too many people thinking we're the ones causing their disappearances."

Chase growled slightly, not having a response. Instead, he turned and looked down, seeing the girl on her Arcanine easily keeping pace with them on the ground. He was tempted to yell down and ask her how she was doing, but thought better of it. Even if she heard him, there'd be no way he would hear her response.
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:05 pm

((OOC: Oh, so we're not going to be following the Bulbagarden scenario? Cool.

And I've updated my character's personality to be a bit more fitting to the way I've been playing him.

And Arcanine runs faster than Skarmory can fly. There is something definitely off about that, but it's true.))

Gene, abashed, turned to look back ahead. His nerves were getting the best of him while flying, and he knew that he was far jumpier than usual. Frowning and sweating slightly, he told his Skarmory to fly a bit faster, not stopping to check on his new company.

He knew he had made it back to camp when he felt Skarmory circling once, then beginning to drop. The steel bird then landed gently, and helped her trainer off with an experienced flick of her wing. As soon as he hit ground, however, one of his Pokeballs snapped open and Ringo opened, nipping rather painfully at his hand.

"Alright, alright," said Gene, clutching his hand. "Let me see and I'll get you some food."

Ringo sniffed, but gave him images anyway. Laces of pink had started to intermingle with the blue in the sky, and shadows were slowly starting to lengthen. The camp, however, was exactly the same as he had left it only hours ago. A sleeping bag lay unfurled in a makeshift tent of sticks and leaves, embers were glowing faintly beneath a pot he'd used in the morning to cook, and, strangely enough, a very old and worn Pokeblock Berry Blender.

He reached into his traveling pack, which he had left inside the tent, and scrounged up some riceballs he'd been saving for breakfast the next day.

"Here," he said, opening the plastic packaging. "I hope you gain as much weight as you hurt the hand that feeds you."

Ringo dove in, but not before having the last laugh; she sent Gene images of him bumping into things wherever he went - an almost-threat. Gene did not give her the credit of an answer, though, and instead turned to his guests.

"Take a seat on one of the logs around the fire - I'd have led you to my secret grotto, but that would have meant hours of travel and going into Hoenn territory. I'm sure none of us - me especially - would want that."

He paused, and tossed some wood into the smoldering embers. A dinner could be made now, he supposed, as it helped facilitate discussion, but he decided to go ahead with the main point, anyway.

"My name," he said, "Is Gene Blackguard. I'm a trainer, obviously, but I'm also something of a marvel-seeker, or experience-whore. These two," he pointed at Mew, still in Ditto form and stuck to his pack's strap, and Ringo, who was still eating. "Are my friends and partners, Dizzy and Ringo, respectively. Dizzy...well you saw what she can do. And Ringo acts as my eyes."

He took a deep breath. "I'm blind, if you haven't already figured it out. That's probably why you," he said, pointing to the female sibling. "Mentioned me holding myself differently. It's just a reflex that allows us blind people to extend our other senses to their fullest."

"Other than that, I don't have much going for me. So what're your stories?"
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lol. Speed kills. Use valium. ò_ó;; just... kidding.
I find that funny, though. Well, it does make sense from a poke'verse standpoint i guess?

EDIT: to RedSnow-- That's right, sorry. Fixed now... I edited a good portion of my post.

Once in a while Ailin looked up, seeing the sun's last hours of rays glinting vibrantly orange and pink off of the skarmorys' feathers. While she did think the bladed birds attractive, she was glad she wasn't up there. A bit jostly, or terbulancy in the air, it seemed, but even so the wind whipped at pokemon and trainer's face alike on the ground.

The pale girl felt a grin on her face. From the way Arcanine was moving he wasn't having a hard time with the flying pokemon, and seemed to be enjoying his time out of a pokeball. And the sun wouldn't be around to turn either of them into cancerous blobs of flesh with legs.

They finally reached the camp-- Ailin was ever so slightly disappointed it wasn't some cool rebel alliance sort of jig-- Arcanine's whuffling and scenting the air brought his trainer back to the situation at hand. Looking around with more sense now, she saw that the area was well secluded; they hadn't run off in the opposite direction of town for nothing.

Laying a hand on her fire pokemon's jaw and rubbing under his chin, she thanked the arcanine and returned him to his pokeball.

Nodding her acknowledgement of young man's offer to sit, Ailin remained standing, however, under the pretense of needing to stretch her legs. She didn't plan on getting too comfortable yet.

The trainer who'd introduced himself as Gene she thought somewhat of an oxymoron-- he was blind yet was, in his words, an "experience whore". In any case, it was interesting, and so was that ditto of his. She'd never seen anyone use Ditto's Transform technique on a human, let alone themselves, before, and was curious as to just what kind of buildings or places one could literally hack into through such a handy disguise maker.

As his own introduction came to a close, Ailin shifted a bit, at Gene's query as to their stories. She glanced briefly at the twins, hoping they'd take the initiative. They seemed the type to, though she'd been proven wrong before. The girl supposed that she could give somewhat of an introduction about herself, if in fairness towards Gene. Ailin tried not to let her mind go off the track and so much into suspicion world, because the blind trainer and twins did seem like earnest people.

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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:56 am

((OOC: Sorry, Rho, but Mew hasn't been referred to as a "Mew" yet. That was for your benefit, but your character would probably still believe that Mew is a Ditto named Dizzy that Gene uses in odd ways.

Edit2: LOL if your character thought using a Ditto for disguise was good, then wait'll she gets a load of using a Porygon-Z to hack into computers. A living program with a constantly changing - and now even more unpredictable - AI.)
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:14 pm


Pokemon (On-Hand)
Arceus (Summoned by Azure Flute)

Gyarados (red)

Age: 18
Appearance: Jove has short, naturally rustled dirty blond hair and shrewd brown eyes. His shirt is usually dirty and torn in places that indicate that the tears were not on purpose nor for fashion, and his pants are usually in the same shape, if not worse. His belt is lined with pokeballs - usually most of which are not even his, but used to belong to trainers he has "defeated" or hunted. He is in perfect shape by any means, and his natural endurance and strength has cowed more than one trainer.

Personality: Vengeful, relentless, judging, and hateful, Jove's outright evil nature has only been complemented, not consumed, by the Hoenn Syndrome that Jove had contracted so long ago. As such, he is one of the few trainers in the world who can control the syndrome and use its increase in adrenaline and desire to accomplish his goals, whatever they may be at the time.

He is also one of what Gene Blackguard has termed "hunters", although Gene has also admitted that being attacked by two, or even three Hunters is preferable to being hunted by Jove.

Jove finds pleasure only in the Hunt, accomplishment, and destruction - a dangerous combination. His choice of Pokemon, slightly reminiscent of his father's style, reflects this, and Jove has never lost a battle of pure power - indeed, it may even just be Jove himself that gives his pokemon what seems like a boost in strength or ability.

Jove is the "son", or, in truth, clone, of Giovanni, made by the same technologies that created Mewtwo. His true purpose, though, was not to be the son and heir of the Team Rocket empire, but to be Giovanni's free ticket out of hell - if Giovanni ever needed organs, or died unexpectedly, Team Rocket would have a backup.

However, that project was also shot to hell when Mewtwo attacked the cloning facility and destroyed it in a great burst of psychic energy. Jove, however, did not die, and was left to wander the woods until he stumbled upon a refugee camp living in hiding following the war. Thinking of Jove as just another victim of the war that almost destroyed the world, the camp took him in and raised him. He was only five.

But as he grew up, Jove was a unruly and vicious child whose only real talent was training Pokemon - especially those that were attracted to his ruthless and almost sadistic personality. People became his toys, and pokemon his tools and it was not long before Jove drove himself away from the colony, with only his Pokemon, a Rhyhorn that had survived the lab's attack with him, and an Abra that had willingly allied itself to him.

After capturing what he felt was a powerful enough team, Jove set his sights on Hoenn, where he planned to make his mark and, hopefully, bring together powerful trainers under his command to ultimately take over the world. He was thirteen when this happened, and all would have gone well had he not overlooked one thing. The Hoenn Syndrome would eat away any who joined him, and it was not long before Jove, himself, became under the effects of the disease. It gave new aspect to his already formidable talent, but prevented him from creating the group that would accomplish his dream. So, in order to feed both his desires and his ambition, he became a hunter, murdering scores of trainers in Hoenn.

At least, that was before he met Gene Blackguard. He and Gene had met as enemies before ending their battle in a draw. Gene's Mew, sensing within Jove the same disease that was plaguing Gene, began to suppress the bloodlusty urges that the syndrome demanded of Jove. The two had fallen into an alliance, then, tinged with camaraderie, until Jove discovered the identity of Gene's "ditto". Blinded by jealousy and rage, Jove destroyed Gene - or at least was led to believe that Gene had been killed in the crater that resulted from the multi-pronged attack of all of Jove's Pokemon. Gene, of course, had been teleported out of harm's way - a technique he had learned from Jove - and had fled into the night.

Jove, however, was more vicious than ever, and went on an even more bloody rampage than before. That was soon not enough, though, and he left Hoenn, roughly two months before Gene did, and arrived in Sinnoh, determined to get his own legendary Pokemon. Following legends and extorting information, he soon arrived at Spear Pillar, where he was outraged to discover Palkia and Dialga were nowhere to be found.

Perhaps it was a trick in the wind, or destiny, but an eerie song began to play, somewhere within the corners of his mind, and before he understood what was happening, he had walked up the stairs that had not been only seconds before, and entered the cavern that had opened up in thin air.

And it is before the Origin of All that Jove's destiny finally takes form.
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PostSubject: Jove   Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:59 am

Jove took in his surroundings as he entered the vast cavern that had seemingly appeared out of thin air. There was light, and he could see, but it was unlike a light he had ever seen before. Its origin was untraceable, and every object in the room seemed to possess its own light source. There were no shadows save his own, and the ceiling looked as if it stretched out to eternity.

Who disturbs my slumber?

A voice, as old as time itself, echoed within the walls of Jove's mind. He glanced around, but to no avail. There was no one in the room with him.

"Who are you?" asked Jove.

Many they have names for me. Some have called me the First. Others the Origin. Some still, call me the One.

"You are a Mew?" asked Jove, and the picture of Gene with his Mew flashed in his mind, along with a pang of anger and hatred.

No. boomed the voice in Jove's head. The one you call Mew is the First of all Life, those who are bound by Death. I am the Origin of All.

Jove started, and excitement began to pulse in his veins. If this were true, then he had found the sleeping place of God, and the true one. But that were if it was true..

"I don't-" started Jove.

Insolence! boomed the voice, seeming to echo till eternity from the ceiling above. You who lack Faith, what is your purpose here?

Jove could not, did not, answer.

Then I shall take the answer from you, said the voice, and it began pulling images out of Jove's head. Images that Jove had forgotten, images that filled him, now, with horror. The images began to flick, faster and faster through his head, until he could take it no more, and fell into a disturbed and pitiful slumber.

When he came to, and he did not know how long after, as it seemed time had no essence here, he found the chamber dark, much darker than it had been. Instead, there was only a faint ball of light that floated in front of him.

"What are you," snarled Jove, a hand at his aching head. The voice did not answer for a long while.

Finally, it said, Some have called me the First. Others, the Origin. Some, still, have called me the One. But to me, to those who know of me, I am called Arceus.

"Then what do you want of me, Arceus," snarled Jove, a hand nearing his Pokeball. "Why have you brought me here." Again Arceus took long in answering, but answer it did.

I have seen the destruction that humans and pokemon alike have wrought upon the world I created. The death and misery I have felt has brought even me to despair. Me, who does not feel time's flow or wane, or even, the meaning of space and distance. But even I have one master, and that is what has brought you here. Fate has seen it prudent that you show me this, and I have come to one conclusion. It is fitting that the creator of this world be its destroyer, and that is the role I shall play.

Jove felt a burst of adrenaline, and he felt the sudden, pleasurable feelings that had surged through him so many times before.

And you, said Arceus. You shall be my prophet. You shall herald doom for those insolent souls that have destroyed what I have, in my grace, given them.

An azure, archaic and arcane flute appeared before him. It shined with its own inner light, fashioned by a gem that knew no human touch.

Will you take it? Will you pledge yourself to me and this noblest of honors I have bestowed upon you?

Jove did not answer, but instead reached his hand towards the flute, and grasped it. A roar echoed throughout the chamber, and the floating orb began to take form. It grew larger and larger, eventually taking up the chamber in its entirety.

"Then go, my prophet, and find and summon my children, those who bring law in the chaos that is the universe," said Arceus, and images of Dialga and Palkia flashed through Jove's mind.

Jove nodded, and left the way he came, only this time, clutching a flute in his hands that gave him more power than the world ever could - power enough to destroy it.
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:00 pm

((Interesting new developments, RedSnow...this is certainly going to be fun! Can't wait to see this 'Hoenn Syndrome' explained, either!))

It was a long silence in the clearing as Gene's introduction ended. Cadence felt the eyes of the other girl resting on her and her brother, as if hopeful that she could somehow escape an introduction altogether if only they went first. Cadence quickly glanced over at her -- at present, she interested her more than Gene did. At least Gene had posed a reason for wishing to contact them. This girl had simply shown up out of nowhere, seemingly reluctantly, and had barely said a word to any of them. All they knew about her so far was that she had an Espeon and an Arcanine.

"We're here visiting a cousin of ours." Chase spoke up, sounding slightly wary. "But we've discovered that, for some reason, she's in Galactic custody. We're not sure why, exactly, but we intend to find out. She had an extremely large collection of pokemon -- she used to be a trainer, but in the last few years she's settled down and doesn't travel anymore -- who have all grown to be extremely powerful. Team Rocket could easily use them to make their officers even more formidable, but it's not likely they'll waste Laura Cooper's pokemon on their Galactic underlings."

Cadence nodded. "Yeah, I agree with that." she muttered before turning back to Gene. "I suppose you could say my brother and I are being hunted as well. Team Rocket has a...special interest in us. So I'm sure you'll understand if we only give you our names before we ask you some questions in return -- both of you." she added, glancing pointedly over at he other girl. "My name is Cadence -- Cadi, for short. This is my brother, Chase."
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:35 am

Ooc// Bleh, edited my charrie's profile to better match what i've been writing for her. >.>"

Would you prefer the true or a lie...?

The thought circled Ailin's head like a confused bat.
When it came down to it, the truth wouldn't be much different from a lie, because as for a real reason to being here, or there, she couldn't fathom. Not in the current state of things-- the best she could come up with would be 'to get out of Hoenn, where she'd been born, and to get away from Kanto, where she'd been raised.' The worst would be a blatant 'I don't know' that would in one way or another come off as rude.

As far as her technological affinity was concerned, it was normal and wouldn't be a point of interest, so the girl thought. The bigger question she had of herself that she also couldn't answer was why she was here, with them. Well, to any specific, meaningful reason, Ailin was at a loss. Perhaps pure curiosity. The possibility of seemingly powerful allies. They were always good.

--But, according to the twins, they had attracted "special interest" as Cadi put it, from the Rockets. Ailin wasn't sure that concentrating Rocket interests was such a good idea, as she herself had been 'approached,' once... or twice... in the past. At least they all knew of the Legendaries' disappearances.

The pale girl inhaled slowly, as if still considering her own introduction, and exhaled in the same fashion.

"I'm not here on any purposeful whim. Here, meaning Sinnoh or here, your camp." Ailin began, with a nod towards Gene, despite knowing he was sightless. "But my name's Ailin..." She raised a hand to the back of her head, placing it there out of need for distraction, while considering her next words. "... and like you two, I've been around on the Rockets' 'interest' list." Here she couldn't help but grin somewhat sheepishly.

Then, in a rather disturbingly delayed reaction to Cadence's given information, the pale girl's expression changed-- sober--but only for a split second, before checking herself. The twin named Chase had mentioned the name Laura Cooper. She didn't want to question about it, just yet, because it might be considered a common name. Still...

"Chase? You mentioned Laura Cooper... is your cousin?" She had to be the same, because he did say that Cooper had been taken into custody. With Rockets and Galactics, that could mean any number of things.

Ailin shrugged, but innately was excited.
"And uh... I guess whatever else there is to know about me is... I'm a netjunkie who needs a fix now and then, with restless leg syndrome. I'll try to answer whatever questions you might have, though." At that the girl turned her golden gaze in the twins' direction, now a little more scrutinous than before.

The restless leg thing was more a mental than physical ailment.

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(OOC: The Hoenn Syndrome is explained in Gene's updated bio.

And yes, people do eat Pokemon. That was pretty much blatantly said in D/P.)

Gene did not answer the hostilities of either one of his new comrades, but stood up, instead.

“Now that we’ve gone through introductions, talk can wait,” he said briskly. “I’m hungry, and it’ll be better to get dinner started before the sun disappears. I’m fine with being in the dark, but I find people who rely on their eyes are not, so much.” He gave a small sad smile in their direction before rummaging in his pack for food. Soon enough, the pot had been refilled with wild spices, tubers, rice, and vegetables and was bubbling away.

Reaching into his pack again, he came up with a variety of wooden utensils, all of which it seemed had been whittled by him, as well as a packet of Tauros jerky.

“Sorry about the lack of bowls,” he said, almost to himself. “But I don’t usually have guests.”

After getting a taste of the soup, he nodded and threw some dirt on the fire before closing the lid over the pot.

“We’ll just let that simmer for a couple more minutes,” he said. “Now, then, I'm fairly sure we're all bursting with personal questions, but first things first. If you feel your cousin is in danger, then her life should be your priority. Although I don't know what you three have done to be hunted specifically by the Rockets, and trust me, I’ve done my fair share of damage to whatever faction happened my way, I will help you in your endeavors, so long as you promise to be around to answer my questions when it is all over and done.”

With that, he groped for the pot lid and opened it. Taking an appreciative sniff, he dug his spoon in and took a tentative bite before nodding. He really was not worried, though. Personally, he had no patience for weaker trainers, and infiltrating a Rocket hideout would show a good portion of their abilities. He would have to hold back though - a thought that came as a sour taste in his mouth - for him to see the true extant of their abilities as pokemon trainers.

And he was planning on infiltrating a Rocket base soon anyway; they usually had the answers he was looking for.

A soft crack in the darkness around them alerted Gene immediately. Making the briefest of nods, he felt Ringo, who had been lying down lengthwise next to the log behind him, disappear for a quick second before materializing back to her spot, not having twitched from her original place. Gene listened again, but the only sound left was the night breeze rustling the forest branches.

"Eat," he said, putting his spoon down. "As soon as we're rested enough, we should head out under the guise of nightfall."

His thoughts turned to the physically weak trainer, Ailin - it was she he had the least hope, and therefore the least trust, for. "That is," he said. "If you wish to come with us at all."
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PostSubject: Re: Legends of the Forgotten   Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:22 pm

The soup did smell good, and it was an impressive variety of ingredients Gene had used. But she refused his offer to eat, as politely as she could.

And wherever they planned to go, it was tempting to go with, if not for only finding more information on the relation Laura Cooper. But she didn't have a good feeling about this one. There was courageousness, then there was foolishness. Ailin didn't dive secured networks she wasn't sure she could break-- there wasn't an 'undo' or 'reset' mechanism where if she failed all that would be left behind would be a false IP address generated by a handy little device she'd made.

Call it scrupulousness.
Call it whatever.
Even cowardice.

Ailin thought it was obvious that Gene was referring to her.

"If I refuse to go with you, does that present an information liability for you?" She asked, partly joking, mostly serious. The girl wouldn't blame the others if this was the case; she'd think the exact same thing. If that was the case, well, she'd just see what happens.

If not, then she'd go on her merry way.

Ooc// I don't like this character, so I'm going to scrap it. I'll leave the rp for now and maybe join it later on with a different charrie, one that's not so hard to work with lol.
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Legends of the Forgotten
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