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 Ash Ketchum: 700 - From Sinnoh with Love

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PostSubject: Ash Ketchum: 700 - From Sinnoh with Love   Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:21 am

DISCLAIMER: I did not have permission by EON productions (copyright 1961-2008).

This is like James Bond: 007 - From Russia with Love. I hope you like it. The Prolouge, however, will be short, but the rest will be longer.
(Before the prologue)"STOP"..."LOOK"...*Ash shoots at the person aiming the gun at him. see blood trickling down the screen*

the very short prologue:

Ash was walking in Amity Square, out for a walk. He hears something, a footstep, he stops. The camera zooms on a blonde agent. He continues to walk. He walks to the steps and hears another noise, a step again. He looks back and sees nothing. He continues to walk, he enters a maze. He looks back again and the blonde agent sneaks in front of him while he looks back. Ash continues to walk, he enters another hall of hedges and then... the agent pulls out a garrote wire and strangles him. Lights turn on in a nearby building, many people witnissing it. a man comes up to him, and says a time record. Ash was actually a person disguised as Ash.

-see title and title credits and hear music-
Directed By: Ferrariguy1000
Ash (like James Bond)as: Ash
Dawn (like Tatiana Romanova)as: Dawn
Cyrus (like "Number 1")as: Cyrus
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Ash Ketchum: 700 - From Sinnoh with Love
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