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 X-men: DeciMation

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PostSubject: X-men: DeciMation   X-men: DeciMation Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 4:18 am

M-Day was a day like any other. You went to work. Went to school. Went on dates. Talked with family. Traveled. Saved the world. Threatened the world. Everything. You were a mutant, one of the special ones, and people said that at the rate things were going, normal humans would have faded away and EVERYONE would be a mutant. And you had a head start on them. You had powers. You looked different from everyone else. You had an extra gene. You could fly. Play with fire without getting burned. Dive into the mysteries of the human mind. Commune with the weather. Bend time and space. Manipulate the forces of physics. Leap like a frog. Alter matter on a molecular level. Recover from fatal damage. See the future. Climb up walls. Breathe underwater. Look like anyone you wanted. Turn invisible. Communicate with plants. Grow vicious claws. And then the world turned White for just a moment. And the next moment you knew, more than 90% of the mutants on Earth were normal humans, with no powers, no X-gene, nothing. And nobody knew why. Or if they did, they weren't saying anything. They called the day "M-Day", for when the mutations vanished without a trace, and referred to the event as the DeciMation. Magneto, the Blob, a number of the X-men, and a few celebrities were now human. And suddenly you weren't sure who you were. Are you one of the three hundred or so mutants left on the planet? Are you now a target for anti-mutant extremists? Can you pass for human? Do you want to? Who you side with? The remaining "bad guys" or heroes like the X-men? Do either of them offer you any answers? Any protection? And if you're one of us who lost our powers, now you have to ask yourself "Now what"? Are you the same person anymore? Do you have the same body? Do you look at yourself the same way in the mirror? Are you now happy to be "cured" and free from a mutation that was more of a curse than a blessing? Or have you suddenly found yourself with no friends, no family, and no place in the world? Had you just gotten your powers, only to lose them just as suddenly? Or had they become part of you, so that you had a code name and costume and shaped your identity around them? Could you still make your mark on the world without powers? Would you even want to? Or might you try to turn to other ways of getting powers... like magic spells and rituals, ancient artifacts, gadgets and advanced technology, chemicals, radioactive arachnids or even other mutants? Would these give you the same powers as before, or new ones? If they gave you the same powers, would they work the same way, or would you have to learn to use your fire blasts all over again now that they came from your mouth instead of your hands? And what would the price of regaining powers be? Because it would certainly be steep. The world has been DeciMated... what will you do next.
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Posts : 158
Join date : 2008-01-14
Age : 34
Location : Near Philadelphia

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PostSubject: Re: X-men: DeciMation   X-men: DeciMation Icon_minitimeFri Oct 17, 2008 1:19 pm

Some devices that those of you who want to go with a mechanical or technological direction for your characters might consider include the following...

Guardian Exoskeletal Battlesuit - Resembles a full-body (include mask/cowl) spandex costume, but generates force fields, allows flight, and fires energy blasts, designed by a Canadian scientist.

Pym Particles - Enable one to shrink or grow to great heights. Can provide size-changing powers with enough exposure. Limited uses can temporarily shrink opponents (especially if you grow to great height, pick them up, and shrink back down to normal size with the opponents in your hands).

Ant Man Helmet - Generates pheromones that allow one to control and communicate with great numbers of ants. Someone with enough super genius and technological/entomological know-how might be able to shift it to other sorts of insects.

Arcade's cybernetics - Abandoned underground amusement parks with deadly rides, lasers, saw blades, and robotic duplicates, as well as many high-tech variations on typical clown tricks like water (or acid) shooting flowers.

Trick Arrows / Bow - Include burning arrows, ice arrows, multiple arrows, grappling arrows, and explosive arrows.

Beast's serum - Meant to allow someone to change their appearance at will, it has shown to actually make people furry, strong and and inhumanly acrobatic.

Black Cat devices - Gloves with polarized mesh claws, grapnel line launchers hidden in sleeves, night vision lenses in mask.

Black Knight's Equipment - Energy-blasting lance, body armor, photonic sword (lightsaber which can burn through metal, but which instead delivers a shock to the nervous system to organic tissue, knocking people unconscious) and genetically engineered winged horse.

Trick Boomerangs

Web shooters (a la Spider-man)

Goblin Glider - heat-seeking missiles, machine gun, retractable blades, pumpkin bombs, bat-shaped boomerangs, ghost-shaped gas bombs, electrical blasts through gloves, chainmail armor, and filter on masks to allow breathing.

Captain America Shield

Alien Spider Symbiote Costume

Chameleon Costumes (various disguises that are multi-layered enabling unbelievably quick changes)

Alchemy Gun - Blasts radiation that can convert any substance into any other form of matter.

Constrictor electric cables that fire from the wrists

Diamondback throwing spikes


Doc Ock Tentacles

Falcon Glider wings - feathered wings from wrists to hips, enabling a gliding flight.

Wingless Wizard's Anti-grav devices

Trapster's glue gun

Frog Man Leaping suit

Goldbug devices

Iron Man Armor

Cerebro devices

Holographic Image Inducer

Hornet Suit - Superhuman strength, sedative darts, winged flight, laser beams

Kang the Conquerer Time Travel Device

Mach-4 suit

Soulsword - Dispels magic or enchantments on anyone it cuts, and slays mythical creatures, as well as magically appearing in its owner's hands when summoned.

Rocket Racer

Sage Glasses - Red shades that are actually computer screens, connected to the internet and to the user's own computer systems

Shocker Gauntlets

Shockwave Armor

Vulture Wings

Mysterio Tricks

Stiltman Elongating legs

Sword and Shield

Mandarin's Alien Rings - Ice blast, mind control, electro blast, flame blast, laser beam, matter-rearranger, impact beam, vortex beam, disintegration beam, darkness

Torpedo Battlesuit
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X-men: DeciMation
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