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PostSubject: Dynamites!   Dynamites! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 11:36 am

Flight. Superstrength. Laser vision. Shapeshifting. Telepathy. Blizzard breath. Electricity control. Regeneration. Sonic shout. Phasing. You know the powers, right? Everyone does. They belong to Wonder City's greatest hero, Captain Dynamo, right? Well... not anymore. Captain Dynamo's body was found in a hotel bed a month ago... undressed and with poisoned lipstick on his lips. The killer has thus far eluded authorities, though that hardly matters, because with Captain Dynamo one, all of his foes have moved in to attack the defenseless city. Other heroes, such as Superwoman, Ratman, the Blur, Red Sun, Avanianne, and Aquamarine have all tried to help keep the streets safe, but it was a losing battle. So Lindsey Lands, ace reporter and secretly widow to Captain Dynamo, snuck into his sunken Fortress beneath the Wonder City Harbor, and examined his belongings there, looking for anything that might help. Her instincts were right, for she found her husband's black book... complete with names and dates... and her suspicions were confirmed. Captain Dynamo had cheated on her with hundreds of women in the years they'd been dating and married, and his condition when murdered wasn't a one-time thing. It would have broken a lesser woman... but Lindsey had her own strength, her own wits, and a whole lot of angry determination to keep her husband from screwing up one final time. So she searched the newspaper birth announcements using her connections in the industry... and found a number of children, now teenagers, who could very well be the children of Captain Dynamo. She gathered them together, explained her reasons, and exposed them to the same radiation that had given her husband his powers... conveniently neglecting to mention that everyone else who had ever been exposed to it had died painfully. Miraculously, each teen developed ONE of the powers of their birth father... and each was slightly more powerful than him in its use, given their focus. However, now they were expected to work together and overcome their vast differences (including race, wealth, family, social standing, education, and more) in order to save Wonder City and possibly avenge a father they never knew.

The Powers (Pick one):
Flight (Also superspeed)
Superstrength (Also invulnerability)
Laser Vision (also x-ray and telescopic vision)
Blizzard Breath (also water breathing)
Telepathy (Also psi-blast and memory control)
Shapeshifting (Also elasticity)
Regeneration (also healing and body control)
Electricity Control (also magnetism control)
Phasing (Also shrinking)
Sonic Shout (Also superhearing)
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