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 The Rise of the Superiors: A retake on an original team

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The Rise of the Superiors: A retake on an original team Empty
PostSubject: The Rise of the Superiors: A retake on an original team   The Rise of the Superiors: A retake on an original team Icon_minitimeFri Oct 17, 2008 12:04 pm

Humanity is changing, evolving, becoming something greater. Already, humans with superpowers, known in common parlance as "Superiors," have been born. There were a few who cropped up in the Cold War with unreliable powers, but only in recent years have there been those born with superpowers that were both functional and devastating. Recognizing a need for training, strong leadership, and solace for these emerging superiors, Dr. Andrea/Andrew Zephanias, a noted psychologist, surgeon, and genetics expert, who is herself a Superior, has founded a medical center and rehabilitation asylum known as the Moira Institute, named after the three Fates of Greek Mythology. Here, she can care for other Superiors who have been mistreated by the normal human population or suffered at the hands of other Superiors, while training her few students and wards in the medical arts... and the responsibilities of living with vast powers. However, Dr. Zephanias has many enemies, and many others would not be happy with the news that she is training Superiors, so she and her students will have to be ever vigilant while trying to live their own lives... and perhaps save the world.

To play, you will need to choose one of the following students (or Dr. Zephanias) and flesh them out as you see fit, as well as choosing a gender for them (I have left Dr. Zephanias female for most of the introduction, but can change that if someone would prefer to play a male version). You will not know their powers until I tell you what they are, though, to simulate the randomness of powers that manifest at puberty. Trust me, it will be part of the fun, and there is no one with stupid powers like turning nickles blue.

William Wuthers III - (Chosen by Joy&RaptorsUnrestrained!) Beverly-hils born and bred raven-haired surfer trust fund baby. His parents hide a secret deal with the devil involved with his birth.
Codename: Rook
Powers: Massive retractable, black-feathered wings like those of a raven or rook, but with a sixteen foot wingspan, give William the appearance of a fallen angel. To enable a human to fly, his body is specially evolved, with an utter immunity to body fat, naturally-developed chest and back muscles, enhanced vision and resistance to changes in pressure and temperature. He also has the ability to manipulate air currents around him, and might someday control the weather, but for the moment can only generate strong gusts of wind to help him get aloft or bludgeon foes. To adjust to the strains of his avian physiology, he also has developed a property in his blood that cures wounds and illness in himself and others, allowing him to recover from impossible injuries. It is believed that the muscles and nerves enabling the uses of his healing blood and wind control powers are found in his wings.

Sean/Sinead Spring - Orphaned brown-haired quiet, hardworking, shy, and a bit indie, sibling to Alan/Alanna. Is burdened by the most uncontrollable powers in the group, but tries to set a good example for younger sibling.

Chiara (pronounced Kee-ar-Ruh) Oscuro - (Chosen by AriEmeraldstar) Quiet, redheaded, reserved student recovering from being traumatized by the death of her best friend in a hit-and-run car accident directly in front of her, amplified by emerging powers which exploded out of control and trapped her in her dying friend's mind and last moments for months, while causing devastating damage to the world around her, and required personal intervention on Dr. Z's part to limit (and restrict) the out-of-control powers until Chiara was trained and ready enough to face her demons.
Codename: Requiem
Powers: Chiara is a telepathic medium, able to channel spirits of the deceased to communicate with them and manifesting them in the world as powerful telekinetic "poltergeist energy." This power extends to the spectrum of energy, enabling her to generate pyrokinetic flames and otherworldly darkness that likewise responds to her mental commands, but rarely uses these powers, for she is worried about her ability to control this vast power... and even more uncertain about the temptation to let loose it offers her. It should be noted that she has not even began to plumb the limits of her power, and might have many, many more abilities. Her telepathic abilities were psychically sealed by Dr. Z, preventing her from reading the minds of anyone alive (or dying, as was her friend) and only communicating with the spirits that have already passed on, until such time as she could master her telekinetic and energy powers and build up enough psychic defenses.

Hal/Hannah McConnel - Friendly, exuberant athlete who is far, smarter than (s)he acts, whose father worked at a nuclear power plant and saved it from a dangerous malfunction at great personal risk... right before Hal/Hannah was conceived. Went from nerd in middle school to wildly popular in early high school before joining the Moira Institute, and occasionally spills dictionary words in casual conversation without realizing it.

Ron Mallard - (Chosen by Rho981) Dirty-blond youngest student of the group, easygoing, a bit of a slacker, who is also a mischievous, artistic class clown. Ron was attacked by a group of thugs one evening, and used his powers to protect his date, but this act drew an angry mob down on him. His date was able to safely escape, but Ron was badly injured and was taken to the Moira Institute to recover, only to befriend the older patients and student-staff. Finding a place where he can be himself, he has remained there full time.
Codename: Cold Front
Powers: Ron is a hydromorph, able to turn all or part of himself into animated ice, water, or steam in that order (first his human body turns to clear ice, another solid, and then he "melts" into a water elemental form, and can "boil" himself into steam or mist from that phase. Because of this, he can melt, phase, elongate, shrink, grow or transform the appearance of his water forms, though his human appearance remains the same (he could turn himself into a snowman or give himself immense icy muscles and icicle spikes, and he could morph into a dolphin made of water, or a puddle, but he couldn't turn himself into the president... just an ice sculpture of the president. It is also more difficult to make mist form into particular shapes, given the diffuse nature of mist as compared to the stickiness of water or the crystallization of ice). He can also hydrokinetically control other bodies of water, ice, snow, rain, mist, or other forms of precipitation, and change them from one state to another (i.e. freeze water or douse fires with water taken from the air itself). His powers also enable him to control the temperature of an area... mostly lowering it to sub-zero levels, but he can also heat things up (though he can't generate or control fire, he can shoot scalding blasts of water or steam). He shows great creativity with the use of his powers, and is frequently finding new ways of using them, often much to the chagrin of his teammates, as most of his "experiments" take the form of practical jokes. His sculptures and water-based paintings, however, are of surpassing beauty and depth.

Cameron/Carmen Muskin - Obnoxious, vain, bragging loner who hides insecurities... and a secret... from the others (note: the secret shall be privately revealed to the player along with the powers).

Alan/ Alanna Spring - Orphaned, peace-loving blond eco-friendly science kid and sibling of Sean/Sinead. Sometimes feels overshadowed by Sean/Sinead, but claims to be a lover, not a fighter despite equally impressive powers.

Lauren/Larry Daschund - Rebellious, gothy/punk purple-haired rich kid whose parents are divorcing due to a secret of his/her parentage. Despite appearances, the hair is naturally that color due to genetic quirks.

Dr. Andrea/Andrew Zephanias - Wise, ethics-concerned medical doctor, psychology and genetics expert and genius teacher with a bit of a questionable (and secret) past, and possibly the most powerful Superior of them all.

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The Rise of the Superiors: A retake on an original team
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