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 My Surrender

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PostSubject: My Surrender   My Surrender Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 4:38 pm

Hold my hand and lets take the step off the edge
Here you purge yourself of misery and disgrace
I feel your hopelessness at my fingertips
And it's why i have led you to this dreadful place

You've confessed your life is a reckless mistake
So please listen when i admit mine is too
I feel the breath of suicide at my neck
That's when i realize that I'm just like you

An imposter, a fake, and a horrible mess
I cry in the dark and now I'm screaming your name
I'm over pretending and i refuse to mislead
I'm a broken-hearted victim with you to blame

I'll warn you now that I won't cry when you fall
Because I'll be following silently behind
I never thought I could ever get this far
But i recognize it's too late to change my mind
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My Surrender
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