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 Divine Right: Gods in America

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PostSubject: Divine Right: Gods in America   Divine Right: Gods in America Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 9:17 pm

Whether man made gods, or gods made man, they have always been with us. However, North America is not very good soil for gods to grow. While demons, vampires, werewolves, gremlins, witches, wizards, giants, dragons, ghouls, ghosts, elves, fairies, and the like have all made their way here, only the strongest gods can manifest on American soil for any length of time... and with the other creatures here, we increasingly need divine guidance and protection. So the very strongest gods of each pantheon gathered together and, drawing on the powers of their pantheons, blessed mortal children with their powers and essences and bits of their memories, speaking through them and guiding them. These Godtouched are now fully grown and can use their own powers, or call on favors from any of the gods in their pantheons. Whether they will use these powers to become heroes or tyrants is something not even the Fates can tell, but each of their divine remnants have decided that the best thing to do would be to gather together and form a new, American pantheon.

To play, you must post your character's...
APPEARANCE: (The Godtouched are all around 18 )
GOD: (see list)
BACKGROUND: (Most Godtouched should be American-born but have heritage from their respective cultures. How did they grow up? What do they plan to do now?)

The Gods:
Damballa: Voodoo god of Darkness, Snakes, Space, Void and the Time before creation

Yu Huang: Chinese God of the Earth, Jade, and Heaven

Brahman: Hindu god of Order, Creation, Destruction, and Preservation

Osiris: Egyptian God of Death, Resurrection, and Fertility

Ishtar: Assyrian goddess of Love, Beauty, War, and the Morning Star.

Monan: Amazon god of Animals, Creation, and the Earth

Tane: Polynesian god of Wood, Forests, Carpentry, Woodwork, Shipbuilding and Construction.

Svarog: Slavic god of Fire, the Forge, Technology and the Sun

Enki: Sumerian god of Water, Wisdom, Peace and Crafts

Zeus: Greek god of the Sky, Storms, Lightning, Oaths and Hospitality

Odin: Norse God of Wisdom, Magic, War, Poetry and Perception.

Huitzilopoctli: Aztec God of War and the Sun AND hummingbirds and magic.

Amaterasu: Japanese Goddess of the Sun and Light, Royalty and Ettiquette.

Dagdha: Celtic god of Life, Music, the Seasons and Food.

Napi: Native American (Blackfoot) trickster god of Chaos, Creation, and Choices, Age and the Sun.

Daramulum: Australian Aboriginal god of the Moon, Sky, and Dreamtime, the Bush and Emus

Note: Godtouched need not be the same gender as their god or goddess, or have a similar name, though having a similar heritage (albeit born and raised in the U.S.) would be a good idea.

NOTE: Whatever the first "God of..." is in the list, that is the main focus of your character's powers. The others tend to be lesser versions or tricks he or she can use. So even though there are a number of instances where "Sun" or "War" or "Creation" or "Wisdom" pop up on the list, the basics are Wood, Darkness, Fire, Water, Sky, Death, Wisdom, War, Sun, Life, Earth, Chaos, Moon, Order, Love, and Animals.

OTHER NOTE: In addition to control over their titles (god of ______) each of the godtouched has varying talents for other divine "tricks" such as telepathy, precognition, healing, superstrength, flight, transformation of self or others, probability control ("blessing" or "cursing" people), teleportation, astral projection, and a surprising physical resilience (though the godtouched are not actually immortal). Not every Godtouched has all of these powers (most only have one or two at this point), and their "god of" powers tend to be easier to use for them (especially their main one), but they might be able to train one another in their use. In order to use another god's "god of" powers, the godtouched has to manifest the spirit of a god in their home pantheons with that power (for Amaterasu to make it rain, she'd have to manifest Susano-wo, and Huitzilopoctli would need Tlaloc or Quetzalcoatl) which is more spectacular than mere powers.

NAME: Terry Tinia
APPEARANCE: Bright blue eyes, curly brown hair, a shining smile, and nice Mediterranean tan make Terry stand out almost as much as his football-player's physique and 6'5" height do. His expressive face, however, can shift from cheerful to stormy and fierce in a moment. He likes to shop at American Eagle, and favors light blues, yellows, and the occasional purples in his wardrobe.
GOD: Zeus
BACKGROUND: Terry was born the youngest of a family with five older siblings of Greek/Italian descent in Texas, and just like his older brothers "Wipeout" Nathan and "Give 'Em Hell" Pluto, the spotlight seemed to be on him in the football field as their "Thunderbolt." However, living near Houston, he was always fascinated by the space program and astronomy, especially his namesake ("Terry" is actually short not for "Terrance" but for "Jupiter", and there was no way he was going to be called "Joopy"). High school was rough for him not because he was bothered by classmates or rivals, but because he had so many options and no way of choosing between them... especially when it came to girls... and guys, as Terry is openly bi (and can beat down anyone who gives him trouble for it with lightning speed). Zeus has been speaking to him for years now, but the messages have gotten more urgent since his dad started to avoid the sunlight for a work project and showing unusually sharp canine teeth with each smile. Luckily, Terry has begun showing his godtouched nature, by playing with sparks and sending static zaps at his siblings (especially stuffy Vera) by "accident," he has mastered the "trick" power of shapeshifting, and he can almost fly without blowing himself over. The full extent of his powers remain untapped, however, he does a lot more unconsciously than anyone is aware of (for instance, every time he's practiced his powers, he's managed to electrically short-circuit any cameras that might catch him on film without even realizing it).
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Posts : 158
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Location : Near Philadelphia

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PostSubject: Re: Divine Right: Gods in America   Divine Right: Gods in America Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 4:51 am


Thunder shook the early evening air. Thunder pounded through his skin, ruffled his hair, sank into his blood, and thrummed in his bones. For all that, the air was still and the pressure was stifling, tense, expectant, and full of possibility for both success and failure. But it was the electricity that made it all worth it... it danced through every cell of his body, relaying information, providing energy, connecting him with the world around him.

A world that currently consisted of the football field, thunderous fans, his teammates, and their opponents. No one else. The thunder was from the cheers, the Wave, the pounding of feet on bleachers. The pressure was from the time, both the early evening hour and the demands of the moment and the weight of the future, the need to not screw this next pass up. The lightning, though, was more elusive, and more important... it was him, and his family, and his friends, and his teammates, and everything that provided that spark of his identity.

"So, you're the fag, huh," grunted the opposing guy, a huge, guy in the opposing team's colors of orange and black, making him resemble their mascot, the Tiger. Of course, Terry thought with a grin, the guy also looked unusually like a jack-o-lantern... same body type, even. But Terry wasn't about to take any of this crap from the enemy, so he grinned wider, waited until just the right moment, when the team dispersed to begin their offensive, and replied.
"Yeah, so prepare to get that sweet ass pounded, princess."
With that, laughing as the guy whirled around and tried to keep his rear end away from the openly bi football player, Terry launched the ball high into the air. He could feel it spiraling towards Nate, his brother, and he thought it might even be possible that he could direct its flight. But he didn't have to resort to the magic... he was just that good.

Nate took off, rushing towards the goal while Terry hurried to catch up and keep the Tigers off his brother. He didn't have to, though, because Pluto was there, and the crowd went crazy when their team, the Titans, scored. Terry made the follow-up kick easily, bringing yet another point to the team, and ending the game on a very, very good note. The fans roared in triumph, and the pounding he was receiving - visual, auditory, physical... was intense.

Which is what made it all the more odd when he heard not thunder, but a whisper: "There is more to life than this."
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Divine Right: Gods in America
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