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 My Twisted Sense of Reality: A xxxHolic fanfic

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My Twisted Sense of Reality: A xxxHolic fanfic Empty
PostSubject: My Twisted Sense of Reality: A xxxHolic fanfic   My Twisted Sense of Reality: A xxxHolic fanfic Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 3:19 am

My Twisted Sense of Reality
xxxHolic fanfic Watanuki/Doumeki
“Because everybody but Watanuki knows”

“This is it!” Watanuki thought as he marched toward school. “This is the day I tell Himawari I like her! And that damn Doumeki isn’t going to get in the way!” He thought angrily, clenching his fist.
“Hey Watanuki!” Himawari called, walking up to him at his locker.
“Himawari!” Watanuki cried, his voice jumping up a couple of octaves as he said her name. “How are you today?”
“Fine.” The brown haired girl smiled at her friend. “How are you?”
“I’m good! Hey, I made a special lunch today. Wanna eat it with me?” He asked a blushing creeping onto his face. ‘This is perfect! I’ll confess my love over our special lunch!’ He thought, celebrating in his head.
“I hope you made sausage octopuses.” Came a monotone voice that made the other boy cringe.
“Doumeki…” The spirit seer growled, turning around. “Who said you were invited!? This is a private lunch between me and Himawari!”
“Fine.” The calmer boy shrugged turning and walking away. “Next time make me sausage octopuses.” Watanuki watched the other boy walk away stunned that the other didn’t insist on joining them.
‘He’s probably going to show up anyway…Damn bastard…” He thought angrily.
“That’s funny. You guys didn’t do your comedy routine today.” Himawari pointed out as she ate lunch outside with Watanuki.
“Yeah…” He realized, looking back toward the school.
“Wow! This is great!” She added, marveling at his cooking skills.
“Oh…it’s no problem. I’m glad you like it.” Watanuki replied, smiling. ‘Oh Himawari, I spent half the night cooking this meal to perfection as a true sign of my love you!’ He cried on the inside, tearing up with joy. He half expected to see Doumeki’s hand reach down and take some of the special lunch, and was surprised when it didn’t appear. ‘Alright Watanuki, now’s your chance.’ He told himself. “Hey Himawari-“
“I wonder why Doumeki didn’t come.” Himwari mused aloud, cutting Watanuki off before he could finish. Watanuki fell, his hopes crushed before he could even say anything.
“Why do you care so much about that damn Doumeki!?” He cried, tears streaming down his face.
“I’m sorry, Watanuki.” The swirly haired girl apologized. “He’s just so into you. I’m just surprised he’s not here, sharing this great lunch with us.”
“Well, I- WHAT!?” Watanuki cried, realizing what she had said. “Doumeki…is into…me?” He asked in a small voice.
“Yeah, I thought you knew. You guys are always hanging out together, and you guys have that funny comedy routine.” She explained, smiling cheerfully. Watanuki fell to the ground anime style, his hopes crushed. “Plus, Doumeki has turned down every girl who ever told him they liked him, including me.”
“What!? You told him you liked him Himawari!?” Watanuki cried, jumping to his feet in a spastic manner.
“Yeah, but he told me he was sorry that he couldn’t return my feelings. He said there was someone else he liked.” She sighed sadly. “Wow, I haven’t told anyone that before. You’re such a good friend Watanuki.” He felt his heart stabbed by the cruel word “friend” as he tearfully ate his lunch.
“I thought you liked me Himawari.” He sobbed, trying not to sound too tearful.
“I do. I like you a lot Watanuki.” She smiled, cheering up the boy. “And I want you to know I’m alright with you and Doumeki’s relationship. I don’t care if you’re both gay.”
“GAY!?” Watanuki cried, clasping his face in his hands.
“Yeah, I just assumed you and Doumeki were a couple.” She giggled, sipping her canned tea. “You guys are so cute together.” Watanuki felt his heart desinagrate at the cruel reality forced upon him. Himawari thought he was gay, and with Doumeki no less.
“You’ve got it all wrong Himawari! I’m not gay and I’m certainly not going out with Doumeki. Even if I was gay, I wouldn’t go out with a jerk like Doumeki.” He cried, shaking fist at the air.
“Did you hear that? Watanuki just said he was gay!” Came the whispers of the students around them. “No way! I thought so.” “Really? Did you hear what he said? He said he was gay?” “Awesome! Now we have real live yaoi at our school!” The crushing feeling of having your world collapse came to Watanuki as the rumor began to spread like wild fire across the campus.
“So, you’ve finally come out of the closet. Congratulations!” Yuko cheered when Watanuki came to her shop after school.
“I’m not gay! It’s just a stupid rumor.” The disgruntled teen muttered, angrily tying on his apron.
“Oh? Didn’t I tell you your red string was tied to Doumeki’s?” Yuko reminded him, leaning against the wall.
“Yeah, you’re Doumeki’s bitch!” Mokana cried, jumping up and down on Yuko’s shoulder like an odd parrot.
“I am not Doumeki’s bitch.” Watanuki yelled at the black ball of fluff as he headed toward the kitchen. “Even if I was gay-“
“There he said it! He’s gay!” Mokana cried.
“Yay gay! Watanuki! Yay gay! Watanuki!” Moru and Maru cried, dancing around the kitchen.
“I’m not gay!” Watanuki cried, mixing things up in a large bowl.
“Stop denying it Watanuki. You’re going to have to face the music sometime.” Yuko chuckled, leaning against the door frame.
“Yeah! The song styling of Cher and Clay Aiken.” Mokana laughed, waving a stubby arm at the boy.
“Err…Whatever.” He grumbled, shrugging it off.
~Next day at school~
Watanuki walked over to his shoe locker, trying to ignore the stares and giggles coming from huddles of students outside the school. He growled as love letters flowed out of his locker.
“What the hell!? Everyone thinks I’m gay, and now I get love letters?” He wondered aloud, picking them up. “Dear Watanuki, I had doubts about telling you how I feel, because I thought you and that Himawari girl were together. Now that you’ve come out of the closet, I was wondering if you weren’t dating Doumeki you would go out with me. Signed, Satoshi! A guy wrote this!?” He cried, stunned. He glanced at the other letters in a pile at his feet. All of them bore the name of male classmates in his grade. “Is everyone in this school gay!?”
“Well, we are in Japan.” Came a flat reply from behind the ghost whisperer. Watanuki nearly jumped out of his skin.
“Damn it Doumeki! Can’t you see I’m having a mental break down here?” He growled at the taller boy.
“Sorry. I couldn’t help overhearing.” Doumeki explained, glancing at the letter spewing out of the other boy’s locker. “Admirers?”
“Yeah, and it’s no thanks you! Because of you Himawari thinks I’m gay, and now the whole school does!” The shorter boy spat, limbs flying every which way in his spaz attack.
“So are you?” Doumeki asked calmly, ignoring the other’s outburst like he normally did.
“Am I what?” The darker haired boy asked, stopping his tirade.
“Gay, stupid.”
“Gr…I’m not gay and I’m not stupid!” Watanuki yelled loudly, causing Doumeki to stick a finger in his ear.
“Alright, but those boys are going to be heartbroken.” He reminded the other. “And so will I.”
“What? Doumeki…you...Like me?” Watanuki asked, truly surprised.
“Yeah, stupid.” Doumeki replied, pissing off the smaller boy. “I always have.” He added, walking forward, trapping Watanuki against the lockers.
“Doumeki…” He breathed, blushing. The taller boy leaned closer, placing his hands on either side of the paler boy’s face. Just as their lips were about to touch, Watanuki sat bolt upright in his bed screaming.
“Damn Doumeki…”
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My Twisted Sense of Reality: A xxxHolic fanfic
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