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 The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas

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The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas Empty
PostSubject: The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas   The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas Icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 2:34 am

The Mystère is an elegant, beautiful frigate-style sailing ship made of black wood decorated with ivory, gold, silver, ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, pearl, coral and amethyst in intricate designs and arcane sigils and veves. Its milky white sails are woven of pure silk, but it they hardly ever tear, even in pitched battle. Its elaborately carved figurehead changes depending on who is currently acting as captain, from a lifelike mermaid to a coiling serpent, to a fierce lion to a looming spider. Despite its great size, it largely sails itself, and most of the space on the ship is given to grand cabins for each of its traditional passengers. It is unknown how long the Mystère has ridden the waves, records state that it was spotted during the Crusades. During the Age of Sail, a crew of pirates found it moored in the docks of Port Royal, and they stole away on it, not knowing that it was taking them to an island ruled by ghostly cannibals. Most of the crew was decimated, but those that survived and defeated the tribesmen found themselves at an ancient temple, where each of them became the embodiment of one of the Voodoo gods, the Loa. This granted them mystical powers and extreme longevity, and if they were ever killed, the loa in question would move on to its next host, who would become a new crew member. The ship also sails through time, altering the wardrobe and language of those who sail on it to match the time and place, and taking them where they need to go to serve as mediators between Earth and the Next World, resting in between in the lush crossroads realm of Ville Au Camp and the dark underworld port of Guinee. So whether fighting vampires in New Orleans, Zombies in Haiti or Werewolves in Norway, the crew sails on.

To play, you will need to state your character's...
LOA (See below)
POWERS (must relate to the Loa)
DUTIES (for instance, someone who was Loa of crossroads might be in charge of charting courses with the maps and atlases, while a wind loa would be in charge of unfurling the sails and a loa of war would man the arsenal)

The Loa
*Legba - Loa of Crossroads, Languages, Prophecy, Understanding, Spirits, Gateways, accompanied by a dog, able to stop or allow any mystical working, Kalfu's twin.

*Loko - patron of healers and plants, especially trees, Ayizan's husband, priest of the Loa.

*Ayizan - loa of the marketplace and commerce, drinks no alcohol, Loko's wife, priestess of the Loa.

*Dhamballah - Snakes, creation, shadows, fatherhood, husband of Ayida-Weddo and Erzulie, father of the other Loa.

*Ayida-Weddo - Fertility, rainbows, snakes, motherhood, wife of Dhamballah.

*Erzulie - spirit of love, beauty, jewellery, dancing, luxury, envy and flowers, fierce protector of children of gay people, wears three wedding rings from her husbands, Dhamballah, Agwe and Ogoun.

*La Sirène - Goddess of the deep sea, longing, moonlight, sealife, magic and sunken treasures, appears as a mermaid, wife of Agwe.

*Agwe - God of the sea, boats, ships, fishermen, sailors, sea plants, fish and the navy, has green eyes and is usually in a military uniform, husband of La Sirene and Erzulie.

*Marinette - Loa of screech owls, terror, werewolves, freedom, imprisonment, and dark magic.

*Ogoun - presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and war, smiths and is usually armed with a sabre and flask of rum.

*Kalfu - Legba's dark reflection, has the same powers but is associated with misfortune and dark magic, injustice and demons.

*Baron La Croix - Debonair loa of Philosophy, suaveness, wry humor, death, equality, as all people die eventually, no matter how rich or powerful.

*Baron Samedi - Loa of Saturday, craziness, parties, the dead, life, health, and magic, the spirit of Laissez les bontemps rouler (let the good times roll).

*Baron Lundi - Loa of homosexuality, the moon, spirits and Monday. Lover of Baron Limba.

*Baron Limba - Loa of homosexuality, wrestling, magical power, lover of Baron Lundi.

*Ghede Nibo - Loa of cross-dressing, those who die young, and blatant sexuality, child of Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte.

*Baron Cimitière - Guardian of the dead, protector, maker of wards and peace.

*Baron Kriminel - Patron of killers, condemnation, and criminals

*Maman Brigitte - Coarse mother of the dead, guardian and protector, wife of Baron Samedi.

*Anansi - god of spiders, tricksters, wisdom, and problem-solving.

*Buluku - androgynous god of the sky, heavens, stars

*Aganju - loa of volcanoes, mountains, deserts, fires, Shango's brother.

*Oshun - goddess of rivers, art, emotion, beauty

*Ghekre - god of monkeys and gorillas, judge of the dead

*Oya - Goddess of the wind, lightning, fertility, change and weather

*Shango - god of thunder, lightning, weather, royalty, priests, thieves and

*Ochosi - Loa of justice and those who seek it, scouts and hunters.

*Mawu-Lisa - androgynous god of the sun and moon, child of Buluku

OOC - Your character can be from any time and place as long as there is a sea or port nearby.

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Posts : 158
Join date : 2008-01-14
Age : 34
Location : Near Philadelphia

The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas   The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas Icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 2:34 am

NAME: Sebastian
LOA: La Sirene (note that your character doesn't have to be the same gender as their loa)
POWERS: Sebastian can transform into a merman, breathe underwater, and communicate with sea life. His voice is melodious and deep, entrancing and heartrendingly beautiful when he sings, allowing him to convince humans and animals (especially sealife) to follow his wishes as long as a song continues. He can also control the flow of water and has some power to make storms (but only at sea and not very well controlled). He can melt into water as well. APPEARANCE: Sebastian is caucasian, but heavily tanned, and his dark curly brown hair has sunny highlights of red and gold that catch the light as it falls to his shoulders. His eyes are blue-green, and he has tattoos of mermaids swimming up his arms and shoulders. He usually has a dusting of light stubble around his lips and shoulders, and he is tall with a swimmer or surfer's body. In merform, his long legs turn into a glittering tail of blue, green, violet and gold scales with powerful flukes and a dorsal fin rising from his lower back, and lionfish-like fins replace his ears, hiding gills behind them on his upper neck and sides of his head, while his hair grows longer and more flowing as well.
DUTIES: Sebastian is in charge of the ship's radar system (which is very advanced despite the archaic image of the Mystère) as well as all scuba diving expeditions.
BACKGROUND: Sebastian was a young man from New Orleans who ran away from home to stowaway on a sailing vessel during the Age of Sail. He was found out and tossed overboard before the ship even left the harbor, but as he stumbled onto the shore, he also stumbled into a plot by a voodoo Bokor sorcerer to turn living humans into zombie servants, and swiped the crystal that was the focus of the spell before being chased by cultists and colliding with the woman who was then the cheval ("horse" in french, referring to one being "ridden" by the spirit of a loa) of La Sirene. The two of them managed to fight off most of the cultists, but the sorcerer poisoned the woman with his last breath, and managed to reanimate his body to continue pursuing Sebastian, who realized that the crystal was actually a chunk of embalming salt, and dove into the Mississippi holding it, watching it dissolve and the zombie collapse, powerless. He next felt the spirit of La Sirene, wet and fluid, slip inside him, letting him breathe underwater and guiding him to the Mystère, where he joined the crew and sailed for the present.
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The Mystère: Immortal Pirate Adventure on the High Seas
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