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 The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles

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The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles Empty
PostSubject: The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles   The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 5:15 am

NAME: (Dragon names tend to be either descriptive of the habitat and breath and hide of the dragon, or to be on the longish side, with around four syllables. A Blue Dragon might be called Erosion, Skybolt, Azure, or Khellendros).
SPECIES: (I'll post a list of the dragon species after this. Dragons can mate with others outside their particular species, but their offspring are either one species or the other)
ART: (Dragons raised by the Council are expected to learn and study different paths... some focus on their particular species, and follow the Dragon art, while others become Dragon Warriors who have mastered combat, Dragon Rogues who are experts at setting intricate traps or tricking others, Dragon Mages who focus on studying spells and the forces of reality, Dragon Priests who draw on the powers of one or more of the Dragon Gods to enhance themselves, heal others, and smite their enemies; Dragon Psions who master the powers of the Mind, Dragon Elementals who become one with their environment, and Dragon Lords who are leaders and masters of the social fields)
POWERS: (All dragons have a breath weapon, but most dragons have a few small natural powers that they can use a few times each day, depending on their species, and they gain more powers as they grow older. Those dragons following another Art besides Dragon (such as Dragon Warrior or Dragon Mage) replace these natural abilities with those of their art... such as better combat skills, special armor and weapons, spells, divine blessings, psychic powers, the ability to merge with their chosen element, or small armies of followers.)
CLAN: (What is your family name (usually the founder of the clan gives his or her name to that clan) and what is it known for? Are they pirates, scholars, artists, military, merchants, bandits, explorers, farmers, miners, healers, etc? What are their lands like, and who are their demihuman followers?)
KITH: (Who is your personal demihuman partner? Is (s)he an Elf, Nymph, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Lizardman, or Satyr, and what habitat does (s)he come from (usually it is a match for your own habitat, but some demihumans don't live in certain terrains... there are jungle elves and underground (dark) elves and marine elves, for instance, but no marine satyrs. Common demihuman terrains are Marine, Jungle, Desert, Underground, City, Forest, Mountain, Plains, and Marsh)?)
PERSONALITY: (Since the game is starting with the characters hatching, they don't have any personal history, just clan history. But each dragon has a specific personality and goals that are with them from the beginning. What does the character think of demihumans... are they friends, or servants, or threats? Does the character want power, or is he more philosophical? Are they afraid of anything? ALL DRAGONS HOARD TREASURE... but what sorts of things is your dragon most interested in hoarding? Money? Gems that match the color of the dragon's scales? Art? Magic items? Books? Religious objects? Mechanical devices? Gruesome trophies from the hunt or slain foes? Fossils? Objects from the Sea or their terrain? Oil?)
APPEARANCE: (What does your dragon look like? All dragons have four legs and wings, a neck and tail and teeth. Their front legs end in claws that are about as dextrous as a human hand, but larger and therefore more awkward. Most of the appearance, such as relative size and scale color, will depend on what species you chose, but does your dragon have chinese-style whiskers, or frills, or fins, or horns, a mane, or antlers? Are gems embedded in the dragon's skin, or is it inscribed with runes or holy symbols? Maybe your dragon is larger than most of its siblings, or is the runt of the family? Is (s)he sleek and snakelike, or shaped like a scaly bird, or have the predatory grace of a feline, or is (s)he more like a lizard, dinosaur, or fish? Dragon Mages and Dragon Elementals can shapeshift (into a humanoid form for mages, to study better, or a form shaped from living elements for the latter), and some Dragon Priests and Dragon Psions and Dragons might have similar abilities, so be sure to describe any alternate forms here as well.)

(for size comparisons, the first chromatic is the same size as the first metallic, third chromatic is the same size as the third metallic, etc. With Gem Dragons, the Amethysts are the same size as the Blue/Silvers, the Sapphires are the size of the Yellows/Bronzes, etc. Consequently, Crystal dragons are the smallest, Reds are the most massive, and Golds the longest dragons.)

Red - Breathe fire. Prefer hot/volcanic realms. Destructive. Powers involve heat, flames, and ash.
Blue - Breathe electricity. Prefer stormy habitats. Militant. Powers involve electricity and weather.
Yellow - Breath searing torrents of sand. Prefer deserts. Sneaky. Powers involve sand and desert weather.
Green - Breathe poison gas. Prefer thick vegetation. Manipulative. Powers involve poison and plants.
Purple - Breathe vapor that makes those who breathe it follow any commands they're given. Prefer to live deep underground. Controlling. Powers involve mind control and the earth.
Orange - Breathe burning sulfurous ash. Prefer to live in tropical settings. Luxurious. Powers involve transmutation and transformation of living things.
Black - Breathe life-draining clouds of darkness. Prefer to live in shadowy places and are nocturnal. Frightening. Powers involve shadows, darkness and death.
Brown - Breathe gouts of acid. Prefer to live in swamps and freshwater. Lazy. Powers involve water and earth.
Gray - Breathe ooze that coats victims before hardening into stone, petrifying them and letting the dragon eat them at leisure. Prefer rocky areas and badlands. Hungry. Powers involve stone.
White - Breathe blasts of freezing cold. Prefer to live in cold areas. Fierce. Powers involve ice and cold.

Gold - Breathe burning gas and shining iridescent fire. Prefer to live in rolling hills and peaceful settings. Wise. Powers involve light and heat.
Silver - Breathe freezing blasts of hurricane-force winds and paralyzing gas. Prefer to live in peaks and enchanted solid clouds. Compassionate. Powers involve air and weather.
Bronze - Breathe jets of electrically-charged boiling water, and forceful blasts of briny gas that knocks foes out of the way. Prefer to live in the ocean or coasts. Brave. Powers involve water and weather.
Iron - Breathes corrosive lightning and combustive gas. Prefer to live in temperate forests. Defensive. Powers involve metals and force.
Electrum - Breathe arcing electric gas and blue electrical fire. Prefer to live in ruins and mines. Reclusive. Powers involve electricity and light.
Copper - Breathe flammable acid and laughing gas. Prefer to live in hills and mountains. Witty and love riddles and jokes. Powers involve stone and earth and poison.
Cobalt - Breathe cold fire and disorienting gas. Prefer to live in snowy, tundra lands. Suspicious of others. Powers involve different kinds of conflicting energies and states, like heat and cold and solid and vapors.
Brass - Breathe searing heat and sleeping gas. Prefer to live in deserts, near oases. Support families... their own, and those of demihumans. Powers involve fire, heat and air.
Mercury - Breathe toxic spray of quicksilver that is so dazzling it blinds whomever looks on it and a gas that makes hallucinations. Prefer cities and towns. Social. Powers involve light and the mind.
Lead - Breathe glacial acid that freezes and corrodes, as well as an anti-magic gas that prevents the use of spells or magic items until it dissipates. Prefer to travel, but live in marshes and wetlands. Exploratory and adventurous. Powers involve magic and darkness.

(NOTE: All Gem dragons have telepathy, so they can read minds and communicate with other intelligent creatures. Each species also has other powers. Dragon Psions can learn any or all of these powers, as well as several others, but Dragons have a more difficult time changing their abilities, and might learn only one more power from another gem dragon)

Amethyst - Spit a crystal that explodes on impact and have telekinesis. Prefer temperate mountains and lakes. Thoughtful. Powers involve force and leadership.
Sapphire - Breathe a thunderous blast of sound and have clairaudience (the ability to hear distant conversations). Prefer to live underground. Solitary. Powers involve sound and earth.
Emerald - Breath an inaudible sonic shriek that causes subdual damage to everyone in range and have powers of mental suggestion. Prefer to live in volcanic areas. Tricky. Powers involve sound and heat.
Ruby - Breathe a blast of crystal shards and can see past events (postcognition). Prefer to live in places that have histories, like former battlefields or ruins. Belligerant. Powers involve conflict and chaos and stone.
Jacinth - Breathe a blast of invisible force and can see visions happening in distant places (clairvoyance). Prefer to live in plains and grassland. Inquisitive. Powers involve illusions and light and invisibility.
Amber - Breathe a sticky, sap-like cloud of plant spores that immobilizes foes first with goo, and then with rapidly-growing vines and roots and leaves and can communicate telepathically with plants. Prefer to live in forests and woodland. Protective of the environment. Powers involve plants and nature.
Topaz - Breathe a dehydrating gas that is drains the water out of everything in its way and can psychic bolts of pain from their minds. Prefer to live in coastal areas, but dislike swimming. Possessive. Powers involve water and dryness and sand.
Opal - Breathe a glittering cloud of gas that first dazzles foes, then puts them asleep, and then causes weird dreams, they can also make vivid psychic illusions. Prefer to live in the dream dimension of the fey. With butterfly-like wings and mischievous personalities, they are often called Fairy Dragons. Powers involve dreams, magic, and space (including the ability to move between this dimension and the dream zones).
Pearl - Breathe a jet of stinging, freezing mist and water and can communicate telepathically with animals. Prefer to live in the oceans, usually near coral reefs. Creative. Powers involve water, ice, and mist.
Crystal - Breathe a blinding, searing blast of light and can see the future (precognition). Prefer to live in cold forests and tundra and rivers. Playful. Powers involve light and ice.
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Posts : 158
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The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles   The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 7:54 am

Dragon: These dragons study their species' culture, history, leaders, strategies and beliefs, as well as their natural powers. They are strong and good fighters, but not as good as Dragon Warriors, and their powers might resemble Mage spells AND Priest miracles AND Psychic powers AND Elemental natures, but never as strong or as focused as any of the other arts. Their true power is in being a jack of all trades, master of none, and their greatest trait is their versatility. See Species section (above) for powers.

Dragon Warrior - Dragon Warriors are stronger, faster, and tougher, and their claws and spines and horns and teeth are always honed to sharpness. They wear special plate armor attach blades or bludgeons to their wings and necks and tails and helmets, and wield weapons in their claws(and tails). They also study different strategies and martial arts, but they lack most of their species' natural powers (except their breath weapons).

Dragon Rogue - Where Dragon Warriors are tougher and stronger, Dragon Rogues are more clever and tricky. Many are shapeshifters, illusionists, and mechanics, combining enchantments with technology to set devastating traps (poison, explosions, electricity, trapdoors, spikes, blades, and mechanical golems are all common), which they can set up from spare parts and basic materials in a matter of minutes. They also have a knack for finding treasure, homing in on it thanks to some sixth sense. However, they lack their species' natural powers (except breath weapons), since their inherent magic is totally focused on traps and wards and devices or being stealthy and disguised, and they are not very strong or armored. They can, however, spot and disarm traps just as easily.

Dragon Mage - Dragon Mages lack their natural powers, but instead turn their centuries of life to studying the forces of magic that make up reality. Sure, they might give up the power to light torches or freeze water or kick up sudden clouds of dust, but they gain teleportation, illusion, the forces of death and time and space and raw energy, as well as the ability to manipulate the more common forces of the world around them (including many of their natural species powers). Their study of these energies has, however, made these dragons more fragile than all the other arts, but that's what force shields and teleportation and summoned monsters are for.

Dragon Priest - Dragons respect gods, but most don't worship them. Dragon Priests, however, see themselves as children of the gods, and have powers of healing, control over the undead, blessings of protection and empowerment, and devastating might instead of their species powers. Many inscribe their god's holy symbols on their scales. They worship Io, the creator, Bahamut, the Platinum dragon of goodness wisdom and wind; Tiamat, the manyheaded chromatic dragon of evil; Sardior, the diamond dragon of balance; Aasterinian, the messenger of Io, for play, invention and pleasure. Messenger of Io; Astilabor, for acquisitiveness, status and wealth; Chronepsis, god of fate, death and judgement; Faluzure, god of energy draining, undeath, decay and exhaustion; Garyx, god of fire, destruction and renewal, Hlal the Jester, god of humor, storytelling and inspiration; Lendys, god of justice; Tamara, goddess of life, light and mercy; Arcanic, the god of magic; and Elemtia, goddess of elementals. The god determines what miracles the Dragon Priest can perform, and some are more popular than others (Faluzure, for instance, is only worshiped by the worst dragons, and even the Chromatics try and stamp out that faith).

Dragon Psion - The Mind is the source of much power, and the Dragon Psions control it. Most are gem dragons, though some Purple, Gold, Orange and Mercury dragons have taken up this art. They delve into the study of their minds and its effect on the world around them, and so they can learn to master any or all of the psychic abilities known, as well as those to communicate with spirits and undead, control vast numbers of creatures, manipulate fire and energy and force, or construct palaces without lifting a talon. Many focus their powers through crystals and wear crystalline armor and weapons.

Dragon Sage - These dragons seek information, knowledge, and wisdom. They hoard and treasure books, scrolls, stone tablets, stories, histories and memories. Their memories are perfect and exact, and they even have a few spells, miracles and psychic powers (almost exclusively devoted to gaining more knowledge, such as scrying spells, communicating with animals, divining the future, or mind reading). Some few learn powers relating to processes they study (time, physics, the nature of magic, life, etc) but these do not tend to be as broadly powerful as other Arts. Dragon Sages are about as fragile as Dragon Mages, without the latter's protective magics.

Dragon Elemental - Some dragons have a deep connection with their habitat, the energies of their breath, or the natural world, and devote themselves to deepening that connection. Animals obey their commands and bring messages to them, plants shape themselves to please the Dragon Elemental, and the natural powers of the dragon species grow stronger and more spectacular. Dragon Elementals also gain the power to merge with or transform their bodies into their chosen element (usually fire, water, earth, or air, though plant, ice, salt, metal, gemstone, sand, ash, magma, smoke, ooze, steam, lightning, thunder, darkness, sunlight, moonglow or stardust are not unheard of... vacuum or dust dragon elementals, however, have been suggested, but never encountered) and they can even animate their breathe weapon, shaping it into a smaller draconic figure of living energy or matter to do their bidding. Dragon Elementals must choose a single "element," and cannot change it.

Dragon Lord - As strong as regular Dragons, with the wits of Dragon Rogues and the commanding presence of Dragon Warriors, these dragons are charismatic or manipulative (or both). They are leaders, both of other dragons, and of demihumans, and often have several demihuman "kith" followers instead of just one. They also have a number of connections throughout other clans, and have access to wealth and land of their own. They are convincing, and a few have powers of healing and strengthening (or weakening) for those who join their side (or stand against them) instead of their species powers.
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The Council of Wyrms: Invasion of the Dragon Isles
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