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 Predators versus Prey

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Predators versus Prey Empty
PostSubject: Predators versus Prey   Predators versus Prey Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2010 7:55 pm

Black - Wizards/Sorcerers
Masters of the powers of the mind, able to use psychic, telekinetic, pyrokinetic, and illusory powers. Masterminds of keeping the battle quiet from humanity.

White - Priests/Heretics
Masters of the powers of the soul, able to heal, defend against other powers, and channel divine might. Masterminds of guiding and shaping human beliefs.

Gray - Rogues/Assassins
Masters of the powers of skill, able to move with grace, speed, stealth, acrobatics and accuracy. Masterminds of weakening the Predatory forces.

Brown - Warriors/Brutes
Masters of the powers of the body, able to push beyond normal limitations of strength, gravity, durability, etc. Masterminds of destruction.

*Red - Vampires (drink human blood, vulnerable to sunlight or fire, can "live" until destroyed, created when a human is bitten 3 times by the same vampire)
- Superspeed/Glide
- Hypnotize
- Drain

*Orange - Afrit (steal human souls, vulnerable to salt, can live indefinitely while shrunken, created when an Afrit burns a living human completely)
- Fire control
- Size change
- Transmutation

*Yellow - Therianthropes (Human flesh, vulnerable to silver, can live twice or three times the lifespan of the average human, created when a human survives the bite of a therianthrope (need not be the same species of therianthrope))
- Claws/Teeth wereform
- Regeneration
- Senses

*Green - Jotun (need human bones, vulnerable to electricity, can live to )
- Earthmerge
- Super strength
- Burrow

*Blue - Pahari (are sustained by human emotions, vulnerable to dehydration)
- Marine adaptation form
- Weather control
- Emotion control (via song)

Indigo - Wraiths (sustained by human life, vulnerable to gold)
- Cold control/Telekinesis
- Insubstantial/Possession
- Invisibility

Violet - Sidhe (feed on Foyson, the goodness of human creations, vulnerable to iron)
- Illusion
- Flight
- Teleport
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Predators versus Prey
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